Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Darling

As the song goes: Merry Christmas, Darling. We're apart that's true. But I can dream and in my dreams, I'm Christmas-ing with you (and by you, I mean my 7R girls).

I haven't blogged in ages and my apologies for that. Things have been crazy. I've spent more time on a plane these past few months than anywhere else. But, as always - Christmas comes far too soon and I'm highly unprepared. Thank goodness we did gifts already, it gave me motivation to shop before the masses hit the mall.

And the Whittaker Family Christmas will be a bit different this year. Normally, we're already in Orlando sipping mimosas by the pool and eating a delicious lobster dinner. But, after the year I just survived - all I wanted was family time. Since my sister and I live far away from the nest, we tend to fly in and out of Orlando - never really spending any time at home. As amazing as Orlando is, I never get to see my mom's side of the family (or my dad's really) so I decided to stay home (and by me, I mean work did). Since I was staying home, my sister decided to stay as well and next thing you know, the whole family was staying home for Christmas. It's weird to see all the lights in Ottawa and be in the office with Santa on Christmas Eve, but I'm SO happy to be home. My parents weren't quite ready to give up Disney and the two of them will be heading down on the 27th to spend NYE there. Such big kids at heart, but it is their 25th anniversary so I'll let it slide..this time.

I'm at work today and then will be catching a flight from Ottawa home to Toronto later today then a quick hour drive to Niagara to see my Memere and Pepere. We'll spend the night at Queen's Landing and then have the Perreault Christmas celebration tomorrow. I'm BEYOND excited. I've never actually been more excited about anything before. My parents are already in Toronto since my Dad's parents were supposed to be flying in from London to visit. Their flight has been delayed indefinitely so the family is just wandering the streets causing mayhem. They'll meet me in Niagara tonight where we'll all reunite for Christmas.

I hope everyone has a fantastic and joyous holiday season. Wish I could see you all during the break, but just know I'm Calgary-bound soontime and Vancouver-bound even sooner (February even). Happy Christmas et Joyeux Noel.

Lots of love


ps. Can't. Stop. Watching. Love. Actually....this happens EVERY year.


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