Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birfsdays Princess

It's that time of year again. Time to break out the tiaras and princess dresses and celebrate my BIRFSDAYS. I know ya'll are VERY excited to celebrate it and to buy me pretty presents. I know I'm excited to buy myself some pretty presents that I can't really afford with student loans, but it's my birthday and I don't care. You're only 24 once so let the celebrating begin!

This list is mostly for my dear Maman et Papa who will likely ignore it and buy me the iPad they've been trying to throw at me for months now. Instead of that glorious hunk of metal, I would like a few of the following items (Lynn - I'm looking at you).

1. A generous donation to the Future Group so I can have some more funding this year to develop new initiatives for our university chapters. Please and thank you.

2. Frye boots.

See Lynn, here's the deal. I will pinky swear to throw out the slouchy VINTAGE brown boots I've had since first year, if you promise to buy me this pretty new pair. Size 7. They're rustic. I like.

3. Fall means scarves and I want this scarf. Wilfred's - Aritzia.
4. That scarf is going to need a home and look how cute it would look with this jacket. Black, please.
And would you look at that! You can get it from Aritzia too. How fantastic.

5. Texas makes my face parched. More moisturizer s'il vous plait. Lynn, you don't want all those early mornings spraying me with Evian to go to waste, do you? I didn't think so. Gotta keep the money maker looking presh.
6. Speaking of boots...oh, wait? We weren't talking boots? My bad, well I want these boots too. How cute would they look with my Habs jersey and tights? Very cute. I'd be the prettiest puck bunny around.

7. And just because, I'll take a new Habs jersey. The limited edition classic ones. I was going to ask for tickets to the Heritage Classic, but I've just been informed that they decided Canada wasn't cool enough for an outdoor game this year. Your loss, NHL.


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