Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my hero

Ten years ago, the world lost a legend. A man who surpassed prior Canadian heroes, who's name will never be forgotten. He self-penned the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms and sustained equality for all from coast to coast. Prime Minister Trudeau established bilingualism in Canada and placed French Canadian heritage on the forefront.

To me, he is a man of greatness. A man that no one can compare to (except for my Pepere and Dad). He paved a way for young French Canadians like myself and I will be eternally grateful for all he has done. I strive to externalize and sustain his past acts, to be like him, and to live a life succinct to his. You could maybe say idolize him and that wouldn't be wrong. To me, he is the symbol of change and progress in Canada and may hope is to contribute even half of what he has to this great nation.

His laugh was contagious through the halls of Parliament and his smile spread as wide as the St. Lawrence River. Love him or hate him, you can all recall a Trudeau moment. His passing was felt by the entire nation and tears still stream down the faces of many Canadians. I will never forget what he brought to this great nation and I hope to embody his hopes and dreams into the future ambitions of Canada.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brighter Future

Dearest friends,

I want to thank you for sticking by me during the worst beyond worst year of my life. I think I can thankfully say, without freaking out, that as of today - I've turned a corner towards a brighter future. From my job to the classes I'm taking to the friends I've made, everything seems to be falling into place.

Yes, there are obstacles I'm going to have to face from time to time, but now I know exactly what I'm made of. There's nothing I can't handle and I'm ready. It's been a rough, but refreshing week if that makes any sense. I've discovered who I want by my side and those who I can't live without.

Friends come and go through certain phases of your life. I never regret time I spend with people, but I'm learning that it's okay to move on and to head into a new direction without them. I was holding on to relationships from last year because they were my only stability during a time of chaos. In order to move forward, I need positivity and respect. If that's not available, I can't be a part of it. I'm a giver. I give and give and give, even until I have nothing left - just to see a smile on others faces. Trips, flowers, chocolates - you name it, I'm willing to give it. I will save up all my pennies and give you every overtime cheque just to see you smile. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work out in my favor. I never ask for recognition, just a simple thank you from time to time and acknowledgement that when I need you the most - you'll be there.

This week, I needed some friends desperately - especially on my birthday. I was in a strange city all by myself and my girls really came through. Opening my mailbox and reading cards from Megs, Teira, Maris, and Noe - it really reminded me that it's okay to let go of friendships that are you bringing you down and relish in those that bring positivity to your life. And the new girls here in Dallas are amazing. They've only known me for a few weeks, but the gifts they showered me with almost made me cry. I couldn't believe how kind they were. It made me question how girls I had known for less than a month could be that supportive, but friends who I thought were my soul mates last year couldn't even pick up a phone.

I kept holding out hope that last year meant something because of the people I'd met. I don't know if that's really the case anymore. Chris, Jamie, Heather, Amanda - they're amazing and I know they'll be friends for life. But, the rest of them? I don't really think they're a part of my life and I don't really know if they ever were. They relied on my generosity to the harshest extreme and it's just not something I can accept any longer. This was supposed to be my new start. So why hold onto the past? I officially tore up all documents and deleted all emails from that school. I just want to be loved for me, not what I can offer you material-wise.

So let this be the last time we speak of that awful year. There's no need to dwell any longer. I went through hell and I came out the other side. This is going to be my year to shine, my brighter future and it starts TODAY.

I love you all and you mean the world to me. Megs, Teira, Maris, Noe, Mals, Kaitlyn, Chris, and my new friends...the WORLD.

Love always,


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Just a simple prayer request while you're saying your hellos to God tonight. My Grandma is very sick and our family could use a few extra prayers. Being away from home makes it a little tough, but I know my family is showering her with love. They're back in Toronto getting the best care through all of my dad's closest friends so I know she's being cared for by loved ones. My dad also struggles with trying to be in two cities at once so I want him to know that he can't be everything to everyone, but we love him all the same. Trying to be a doctor to his patients and a caring son to his mother. What an amazing guy.

Pray that God's will be followed through. Not everything happens the way I want, but I know it's the way it's supposed to be.

Lots of Love (and prayers every night for each and ever one of you)!


Monday, September 20, 2010

My sweet sweater

I'm stalking the Aritzia in Plano.

It's true.

I broke my TNA Cowichan sweater, to the point of no return. Figured I wait a few weeks and it'll be sitting pretty on the shelves, right? Wrong. Aritzia isn't shipping it to Texas because well, it's Texas and you probably won't need a wool sweater.

Except, that sweater is my lucky sweater. I wear it during my exams and when I write long boring papers. It's my everything. I wrote a midterm last week without it and didn't do that great. Did I study lots? Yep. Clearly, it's because I wasn't wearing my sweater.

I'm starting to get desperate. I've even resorted to calling Aritzias across the country. No bueno.

Dear Canucks, help meeeeeeee!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cheers to Old Friendships and New Friendships

It's my birfday, yo!

Well, not technically, but close enough. And as sad as I was to be by myself this weekend, it actually turned out a lot better than expected. I tried to stay incredibly positive all weekend and it worked! On Friday, the girls left for Austin and I was pretty bummed I had to stay home. But, the decided to come back early and drive back to Dallas Saturday evening which was really nice of them.

On Friday night, the boys offered to take me out and I gladly accepted. We started off heading to Oktoberfest in Addison (which was seriously the size of Stampede - I was amazed such a small Texan town could hold such an amazingly large event). From beer to bratwursts and everything in between, it was beyond fantastic. There was cotton candy and ferris wheels and everything I could imagine for my birthday. I didn't get home till two in the morning, that's how amazing it was. I have never laughed that hard in my life or even danced that hard. The moves I was making on the dance floor would rival Michael Jackson. I even broke out a moonwalk or two. What can I say? MJ brings out the best in me. After a long night of dancing and trying to stay hydrated because it was so flipping hot outside, I drove the boys home and tucked myself into bed.

Saturday, I spent the day watching my carpet get replaced and running errands. Cleaned the apartment and spent the afternoon holed up in the library sporting my sweet Gators headband and knee highs. (Go Gators!!) Saturday evening, the girls made a speedy return from Austin and we spent the first part of the evening catching up. It's amazing what can happen in 24 hours when we're away from each other. I updated them on the shenanigans and dance moves from the night before, while they swapped tales of sketchy hippie bars and large men jumping onto the roof of their car. After filling each other in on the previous day's adventures, we headed over to the boys place to start planning our night of trouble.

Well, here in the South they take football very important so we spent the better part of an hour watching football highlights since the boys napped through most of the games that day. After catching up on the Vols loss (Go Gators!!) and the triumph of UA, we headed out to Blackfriar's - the local pub we frequent. For some reason, everyone in Dallas had the same idea as us and after five minutes in Blackfriar's, we could barely breathe. We quickly ninja'd our way to the exit and saw an open patio across the street that called our name. Our group quickly expanded and again, I enjoyed a night of pure laughter. From golf cart taxis to Chuck from Kentuck, it was a fantastic night. The girls & I tried to head out early so we could get some rest before the big game today. Of course, that didn't happen but at least we tried. After making sure the boys got home safely, we gathered for a little pow-wow to discuss game day. The only conclusion we made is that starbucks was a must considering we were only going to get 5 hours of sleep.

Bright and early this morning, I popped out of bed and headed for the shower. Game Day was finally here. After a few traffic problems and a massive line at Starbucks, we were Arlington bound. Now, I've been told this stadium was huge and I thought I would be prepared. But, we drove up and I couldn't even put into words how I was feeling. It was this sudden rush of pride and competition. Absolutely amazing. I got goosebumps watching all the Cowboys fans tailgate and rush into the stadium for kickoff. The music, the anthems, the BBQs - it was something I can't even describe to you. I definitely recommend a trip South for this experience alone. Although the Cowboy didn't win, I can definitely say it was probably one of the best days of my life. I am SO glad I brought those girlies with me. They loved every minute of it. We were cheering and jumping out of our seats. Watching Miles Austin smile at us from hundreds of feet below was pretty spectacular too. Once I find my camera cord, I will post pictures.

Theme of this weekend: positivity. Was it how it was supposed to be? Absolutely not. But, that doesn't mean it wasn't amazing. I'm learning to make the best of what I'm given. I'm a tad of a control freak (read a lot of a control freak) so having things not go as planned really bothers me. But, this weekend was filled with laughter and smiles which was exactly what I needed. I also re-evaluated some friendships this weekend. It needs to be a time of selfishness and positivity for me right now. I can't be brought down by any negativity and I'm learning to realize that. I've also learnt that silence really says it all. I can't be everything to everyone and that's okay sometimes. It's going to take some time, but I'll get the hang of things. The constant support of my true blues and 7R crew means the world. You girls are one of a kind.

Miss and love you all!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I thought I'd share a list of all the things I love about Texas so that you become so infatuated, you have no choice but to visit me. Trust me, it's amazing.

1. Uptown & West Village

The trendy cute neighborhood in Dallas is the perfect location for singles, families and everyone in between. Quaint restaurants, fancy lounges, and unique boutiques - it really is a little piece of home. It is one of the most well-designed urban settlements I've ever seen. No need for cars or cabs, you practically walk out your door and into a plethora of restaurants, cafes, salons, and bars.


2. Manny's

Texas is known for their tex-mex cuisine. It's absolutely delicious and out of this world. From queso to margs to enchiladas, I love it all. It's my little guilty pleasure. On Friday, I tried out the most amazingly delicious tex-mex restaurant. Manny's is located in West Village and is a quaint old house that was turned into this surreal dining experience. It's a favorite of most Dallas natives and now I know why. Their patio looks out into West Village and is strung with colorful lights to make you feel as if you're in Mexico! And their margs? Well, let's just say one is MORE than enough.


3. Yogilicious

This fro yo haven (or yogi as the girls like to call it) is exactly what I was looking for when I moved south. In Virginia Beach, I was an avid fan of Skinny Dip and was petrified I wasn't going to find a similar substitute. But, yogi is the perfect sub-in. Supplying delicious NSA vanilla fro yo, they also have fun flavors like avocado tart and red velvet cake. All non-fat, all delicious.


4. Sonic

Now, this isn't a Texas thing but more of a US thing. Gosh, do I love Happy Hour at Sonic. No, not that kind of Happy Hour. Between 3 and 5, Sonic offers half price sodas and a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper is the perfect study mate. Small ice cubes, lots of liquid - I normally can't finish a full one before I leave the library.


5. Sweet Tea

Whether from Chick-fil-a or McDonald's, it is one of the most delicious things of all time. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, a local will take me home with them and I get homemade sweet tea. Even BETTER! I can't really describe what it is, other than actual tea brewed and then chilled - with lots of flavor. It's the real reason I'm down South, lets be serious.

p to the s. Paula Deen is my idol, well in another life.


6. Urban Taco

A Texas trademark, Urban Taco brings you the best tex-mex food with a more modern flare. I love their Uptown location - well, mostly their sangria and spicy ahi tuna salad. Yums. Their patio is beautiful and is the perfect place to sit out after a long day of work & school. A definite must for anyone who visits me.


7. North Dallas Tollway

This road is heaven, no seriously. I live 3 mins from the Tollway and can hop on and head directly downtown within 15 minutes. Yes, you have to pay - but, I've gotten creative with the exits I get off at and the toll fees involved. Forget taken any side roads or inner highways. They take forever, crowded with cars, and turn regular freeways into parking lots. I prefer my North Dallas Tollway. Yep yep.

8. SMU

I had to add my school because I've fallen in love. I don't mind spending hours upon hours on campus because it's so beautiful and always filled with school spirit. The campus stretches for acres and acres and everyone who attends SMU is there because they worked hard to attend the school of their choice. From tailgating before the games or skipping along the Boulevard, this university screams Southern Pride and I couldn't have asked for a better learning environment.


9. Addison

At first, I was skeptical living so far away from downtown Dallas. I mean, I work downtown and I play downtown and go to school only a few minutes from Uptown - in University Park, so it just didn't seem practical to live so far away, but boy was I wrong. Everything about this town screams urban chic. It's fantastic. Quaint bistros and vibrant restaurants, I find that all my favorite Uptown hangouts have an Addison location. It also has the smaller town favorites that I love, like Sonic and Chick-fil-a, which you can't find within the downtown core. I highly recommend Addison for any new Dallas transplants, highly recommend.


10. Dallas Farmers Market

Okay, side note - I haven't been yet, but that doesn't mean I can't praise it. I've driven past and heard such great things, I will definitely be there this weekend. With the freshest products, all the local farmers reach out to the urban block by locating the market in the heart of downtown. From fresh peaches to local grown corn, it's quite the find. I can't wait to go this weekend.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Complications and Friendships

I had one friend bail on my birthday weekend, then another, then another confirmed, then another bailed, then my own father bailed on coming down so that left me and Fitz.

Then this morning, while I was gone, Fitz decided to eat two rather large holes in my carpet. So large, I could see them without my glasses, which is saying a lot because I'm pretty blind. Needless to say, Fitz really isn't fitting in well here. I work 24/7 and in between that, I'm a full-time grad student. I really don't have time to dedicate to him. It sounds awful, but it's true. So after sobbing my face off and finding out I have to spend $2700 on carpet replacements, Fitz is going to be sent home. We're just looking at options right now, but I think it's for the best.

Do the math and that means Fitz + Me - Fitz = just me on my birthday. Now, you can understand the tears.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

You, are a Star.

I normally don't write about pop-culture, but I just can't stop gushing about this young girl who is taking the world by storm. I may listen to mostly indie music, but I not embarrassed to admit that T.Swift is on constant repeat on my ipod. I don't think it's the music, more the lyrics. Either way, I truly believe she is an inspiration - that was before tonight.

After the VMA's, I can honestly say she is one of a kind. She's that girl that will always put her best foot forward, not matter what the circumstance. She's someone I hope young girls look up to because honestly, I even look up to her. She was humiliated and embarrassed last year on the same stage. Instead of seeking revenge, she stood up there and taught the world a lesson - that forgiveness is key. She spoke from the heart and sang about new beginnings and mistakes.

(scroll the bottom, but make sure you watch the Florence & the Machine performance too!)

The entertainment industry needs a few more of her, that's for sure. Taylor, thank you for just being you. You should be incredibly proud of what you accomplished tonight. And as a sidenote, adored the dress.

It has also come to my attention that several weeks ago, Taylor sat in an arena and signed autographs for what was supposed to be 13 hours. But, when there were still fans waiting after the 13 hours were up - she stayed until every fan had met her. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty admirable. Watch for yourself and be amazed: http://perezhilton.com/2010-09-02-taylor-and-her-thousands-of-fearless-fans

Okay, that's my t.swizzle blog. I promise no more.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can't keep my mouth shut on this one

Now, I'm not one to express my political opinion in any type of open forum online. We all know I'm liberal so there's no need to shout it out from the rooftops. With my job, I'm restricted in how I can exercise my political rights - thus, I normally just keep quiet.

However, I've had JUST about enough with these articles being published in our brotherly nation and I need to speak up. It's one thing to proudly wave your beliefs in a public arena, but it's another thing to bash other political views.

This article was brought to my attention today and for some reason, I just can't let it slide. An ex-peer of mine was praising the article for its merit. Um, excuse me?


I'm not going to sit here and tell you how I'm evidently more correct than they are because that would be giving into their faults. However, I can tell you that the way they are stereotyping my beliefs is inherently incorrect. My views are my views because of the merit they hold - not because I am trying to be 'different.' I don't vote Liberal because I don't want to be a corporate sell-out, but rather I vote Liberal because of the equality rights they hold and the constant feeling like I am making a difference. My Liberal beliefs are my own and you don't have to like them or even agree with them, but you DO have to respect them.

By intimidating young people into believing that their votes are merely a fad and an awful decision that will be realized down the road, we are essentially asking them to stay home on election day if they want to save their nation. How despicable and wrong is that? Our opinion matters too and just because you're over the age of 50 and can't see beyond your stereotypical conservative values isn't a fault of mine. I see colour and race and gender. I see equality and peaceful resolutions and gay marriage. If you can't see that, don't feel sorry for me - feel sorry for yourself.

As a liberal, I don't see boundaries or restrictions. I merely see solutions and compromise - all tying together the basic human rights and necessities. Just like the average 50 year old man, I believe in the sanctions and foundations of this nation - but I also believe in reformation and change. That change is what we 'young idealists' hold onto while we fix the mistakes YOU'VE made.

So, Mr. Crowder - instead of intimidating your peers, why don't you embrace the decisions they make and encourage their right to uphold their beliefs? We believe and hope for a more promising future. You should do the same some time.


A young idealistic liberal

One of those days..

So I either gave myself food poisoning when I attempted to cook for myself this weekend or caught the 24-hour flu from someone. Either way, I've managed to get sick. I was up all night being grossy. Ugh.

Hoping to sleep till lunch, then off to work pour moi.

Wish me luck.

Monday, September 6, 2010

bonne fete a toi!

And by a toi, I mean ME! It's almost my birfday.

Call me delusional and spoiled, but every year I put together a birthday list. What? I'm a hard person to shop for. If I like something, I work hard and buy it for myself. Half the time, I buy the things I really want and there's nothing left for others to get me for my birthday. As a kid, I used to donate my gifts to the Women's Shelter, which turned into parents feeling bad for me and buying me double the gifts.

Now? After the year I've had, all I ask for is love and support. But, if you're determined to get me something you can either a) support the Future Group and purchase Ben Perrin's new book Invisible Chains (http://www.penguin.ca/nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,9780670064533,00.html) or b) you can take a gander at this list...

1. Frye boots. Harness 15R's (size 7) to be exact.

I'm obsessed with boots. The more the merrier, at least that's my theory. Now, I only have one pair of Frye boots and they are lonely. They could use some companionship.

2. Art

I love art. Love to collect it, view it, and I occasionally dabble in the water colour world of paints. Recently, I came across these photographs taken by a Canadian artist. He takes abstract views of Canadian cities (such as Ottawa) and adds shadows and light to make them interesting. I absolutely love his winter views of Ottawa. Simply breathtaking.


3. Aritzia winter jacket.

We all know that every year, I convince myself NOT to buy another Wilfred button-up funnel jacket after the disaster that was the cream $400 jacket I bought several years back. Listen, I'm not a klutz...they're just not conducive to Tim Horton's coffees first thing in the morning. Aritzia has spent the past two years listening to me whine about mourning the death of my beautiful cream jacket and I guess they had enough because now the jacket only comes in black. Hip hip hooray! I won't be all indecisive and leave the store in a huff anymore. Thanks, Aritzia.


4. Moccasins

I blame this on Megs. She blogged about the cutest moccasins of ALL time, now that's all I can think about. I want a beautiful comfortable pair that I can wear all the time with straight legged jeans and scarves. Did a little research and Minnetonka Moccasins seem to be the most legit deal - unless you want to trek to Nunavut and buy me some. I want the thunderbirds in brown suede, I think. I also want the fringe boots, but I won't get greedy and really - how many pairs of boots can a girl own? Wait, don't answer that.


5. Flowers.

I love fresh flowers. I buy some for myself once a week. We all know how much I loathe roses, but these are really cute. I think they would be 'perfect' in my condo. I even found you a Dallas florist, no thanks needed.


6. Scarves

Love em all. Fallen in love with the Navajo scarf from Aritzia. Fantastic, especially with my hypothetical frye boots...oui?


7. TNA Sweater

Broke the zipper on my tried & true TNA lambswool sweater. It's my life. So for now, I'm wearing it with tanks and hoping for the best. But, a new one would be greatly appreciated. Now, I've consulted my Aritzia experts because the current ones in the look book are the newer models...I don't despise them, they're just not mine. However, I would take one of those too. Mine is on my gal Shenae - rocking out the Canuck heritage in Lala land.


8. Mittens

While you're at Aritzia, you might as well pick up some mittens for me too. Could you imagine if there wasn't an Aritzia in Dallas? I would actually die. Anyhoo, I want the regular TNA ones. Not the new ones they're showing. Although they sport the Nordique colours (making a comeback, true story), I want the regular ones. You know the ones? I want the toque too.


9. HBC Sweater

I desperately wanted this last year and my parents made a valiant effort to contact almost every Bay in Canada with no luck. I'm thinking since the Olympics are over, there might be a few floating around. Maybe? Not so much. Anyways, I want the wool 2010 sweater. You may think, that looks exactly like the TNA Sweater she wants and yes, it does. But, it's completely different since it's from the Bay. I would send you to the HBC website, but well - they apparently don't sell it anymore. Think of it as a hunt for the perfect gift. I would probably name my firstborn child after you if you found it.

10. Jersey

I have a lot of jerseys and you may say I don't need another, but that's a lie. I want a new Habs jersey. A Lapierre jersey to be exact. Yipee! Now, the issue is that I'm a small gal. I need a child's jersey - STOP LAUGHING VICKY. I also want the little kids parka, pleaseeeeee. Buy me the parka and I'm pretty sure I'll love you times a hundred.


And that's my birthday list. It's mostly for the parentals who will probably choose to ignore all of the above, except for maybe the little kids parka - they probably just want to see me in that. Oh, and number 11 was going to be a suprise visit from my 7R girls, but I already asked the parentals for that....I think they thought I was kidding. Clearly, I wasn't.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sucks indeed

Today I learned: I have awful judgment in boyfriends & friends. Just all around awful horrible despicable taste in people. I'm too naive and it bites me in the ass, every single time.

I also learned I will be alone on my birthday. What was supposed to be a weekend of friends & festivities has turned into just me & Fitz. Everyone has bailed. All of them. Insert sad mopey face here. Happy Dallas Becky is quickly disappearing and becoming reminiscent of shy quiet talk to no one Virginia Becky.

Of course, thinking of a lonely 23rd birthday immediately reminded me of that SATC episode when Carrie is left at the Italian restaurant to pay for her own birthday cake. Horrendous. Because of this, I think I might just stay in and watch cheesy action movies. And yes, I found the picture from that episode. I'm that BIG of a fan (get it?)

Keeping my fingers crossed for good news tomorrow. Because, I mean, 252 days of bad luck (yes, I counted) seems a bit excessive. Don't you think?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And there it goes...

Dear Virginia Beach'ers,

Hurricane season is once again rearing its ugly head. Last year, I survived my first storm and BOY was it traumatic. I thought living in Canuckistan prepared me for everything. Lies. These vicious winds pick up little French girls like me and throw them around RU parking lots.

Rumor has it (and by rumor, I mean the Weather Channel) that another storm is about to hit the coast. Virginia Beach is a prime target with it's odd peninsula sticking out into the rough waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Now, while I love me some good rain - I feel like this storm will be one for the ages. Now, kids - this does not mean throwing Hurricane Parties will make everything go away. Instead, I ask you to stay inside and avoid all contact with the outside world (even if you run out of pizza & beer). Do not go frolicking in the streets or driving around town looking for a Barnes & Nobles that's open. Stay away from windows and doors and pretty much everything that can be blown away (including little French Canadian girls).

Rain boots do not protect you from hurricanes. I've tested this theory and it does not work. Even the pretty yellow Hunter boots can not tackle a storm of this magnitude. I know, traumatizing - those boots are gorg. While going out for a birthday party during the storm may seem thrilling, watching stop signs swing in the wind while eating your dinner is not exactly calming. Not even Disney Princess Christmas tunes cd can make a storm of this size disappear. A long walk on the beach may seem tempting this time of year, I think it might be best to hold off - unless you have a death wish (like certain kids I know). So Virginia Beach'ers, my advice? Try those handy evacuation routes on the 264 we always stare at. Think it might be time to give them a go. Stay safe, make smart choices s'il vous plait. Me? I moved to North Texas. No Atlantic storms for me.

I'll be watching.