Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can't keep my mouth shut on this one

Now, I'm not one to express my political opinion in any type of open forum online. We all know I'm liberal so there's no need to shout it out from the rooftops. With my job, I'm restricted in how I can exercise my political rights - thus, I normally just keep quiet.

However, I've had JUST about enough with these articles being published in our brotherly nation and I need to speak up. It's one thing to proudly wave your beliefs in a public arena, but it's another thing to bash other political views.

This article was brought to my attention today and for some reason, I just can't let it slide. An ex-peer of mine was praising the article for its merit. Um, excuse me?


I'm not going to sit here and tell you how I'm evidently more correct than they are because that would be giving into their faults. However, I can tell you that the way they are stereotyping my beliefs is inherently incorrect. My views are my views because of the merit they hold - not because I am trying to be 'different.' I don't vote Liberal because I don't want to be a corporate sell-out, but rather I vote Liberal because of the equality rights they hold and the constant feeling like I am making a difference. My Liberal beliefs are my own and you don't have to like them or even agree with them, but you DO have to respect them.

By intimidating young people into believing that their votes are merely a fad and an awful decision that will be realized down the road, we are essentially asking them to stay home on election day if they want to save their nation. How despicable and wrong is that? Our opinion matters too and just because you're over the age of 50 and can't see beyond your stereotypical conservative values isn't a fault of mine. I see colour and race and gender. I see equality and peaceful resolutions and gay marriage. If you can't see that, don't feel sorry for me - feel sorry for yourself.

As a liberal, I don't see boundaries or restrictions. I merely see solutions and compromise - all tying together the basic human rights and necessities. Just like the average 50 year old man, I believe in the sanctions and foundations of this nation - but I also believe in reformation and change. That change is what we 'young idealists' hold onto while we fix the mistakes YOU'VE made.

So, Mr. Crowder - instead of intimidating your peers, why don't you embrace the decisions they make and encourage their right to uphold their beliefs? We believe and hope for a more promising future. You should do the same some time.


A young idealistic liberal


Meghan said...

Well said. I'm not going to bother reading that article because it says it is from Fox New and I just can't take it very seriously...

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