Monday, September 20, 2010

My sweet sweater

I'm stalking the Aritzia in Plano.

It's true.

I broke my TNA Cowichan sweater, to the point of no return. Figured I wait a few weeks and it'll be sitting pretty on the shelves, right? Wrong. Aritzia isn't shipping it to Texas because well, it's Texas and you probably won't need a wool sweater.

Except, that sweater is my lucky sweater. I wear it during my exams and when I write long boring papers. It's my everything. I wrote a midterm last week without it and didn't do that great. Did I study lots? Yep. Clearly, it's because I wasn't wearing my sweater.

I'm starting to get desperate. I've even resorted to calling Aritzias across the country. No bueno.

Dear Canucks, help meeeeeeee!


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