Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And there it goes...

Dear Virginia Beach'ers,

Hurricane season is once again rearing its ugly head. Last year, I survived my first storm and BOY was it traumatic. I thought living in Canuckistan prepared me for everything. Lies. These vicious winds pick up little French girls like me and throw them around RU parking lots.

Rumor has it (and by rumor, I mean the Weather Channel) that another storm is about to hit the coast. Virginia Beach is a prime target with it's odd peninsula sticking out into the rough waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Now, while I love me some good rain - I feel like this storm will be one for the ages. Now, kids - this does not mean throwing Hurricane Parties will make everything go away. Instead, I ask you to stay inside and avoid all contact with the outside world (even if you run out of pizza & beer). Do not go frolicking in the streets or driving around town looking for a Barnes & Nobles that's open. Stay away from windows and doors and pretty much everything that can be blown away (including little French Canadian girls).

Rain boots do not protect you from hurricanes. I've tested this theory and it does not work. Even the pretty yellow Hunter boots can not tackle a storm of this magnitude. I know, traumatizing - those boots are gorg. While going out for a birthday party during the storm may seem thrilling, watching stop signs swing in the wind while eating your dinner is not exactly calming. Not even Disney Princess Christmas tunes cd can make a storm of this size disappear. A long walk on the beach may seem tempting this time of year, I think it might be best to hold off - unless you have a death wish (like certain kids I know). So Virginia Beach'ers, my advice? Try those handy evacuation routes on the 264 we always stare at. Think it might be time to give them a go. Stay safe, make smart choices s'il vous plait. Me? I moved to North Texas. No Atlantic storms for me.

I'll be watching.



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