Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sucks indeed

Today I learned: I have awful judgment in boyfriends & friends. Just all around awful horrible despicable taste in people. I'm too naive and it bites me in the ass, every single time.

I also learned I will be alone on my birthday. What was supposed to be a weekend of friends & festivities has turned into just me & Fitz. Everyone has bailed. All of them. Insert sad mopey face here. Happy Dallas Becky is quickly disappearing and becoming reminiscent of shy quiet talk to no one Virginia Becky.

Of course, thinking of a lonely 23rd birthday immediately reminded me of that SATC episode when Carrie is left at the Italian restaurant to pay for her own birthday cake. Horrendous. Because of this, I think I might just stay in and watch cheesy action movies. And yes, I found the picture from that episode. I'm that BIG of a fan (get it?)

Keeping my fingers crossed for good news tomorrow. Because, I mean, 252 days of bad luck (yes, I counted) seems a bit excessive. Don't you think?


Meghan said...

I hate her stupid headband in that picture.

I have spent a few birthdays alone and I know how it feels :( If I could, I would fly there in a second! I miss you.

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