Friday, February 26, 2010

Mopey Me

Missing you...

that is all

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tonight's the Night

Go get em boys. Just get er done, eh?


I'm not a lumber jack
Or a fur trader
And I dont live in an igloo
Or eat blubber
Or own a dog sled 
And I don't know 
Jimmy, Jally or Suzie from Canada
Although I'm sure they're really really nice 
I have a Prime Minister not a President 
I speak English and French not American 
And I pronounce it about not "a-boot" 
I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack I believe in peackeeping not policing 
Diversity not assimilation 
And that the beaver is a truley proud and noble animal 
A toque is a hat a chesterfield is a couch
And it is prnouced "zed" not "zee" "zed"!
Canada is the 2nd largest landmass!
The 1st nation in hockey!
And the best part of North America!
My name is Joe and I am Canadian!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, I work out. It's kindof my thing. When I'm away at school, you can find me at the Regent Commons gym at 5am. When I'm home, you can find my butt smack dab in the middle of any and all Goodlife Fitness centers. 

Goodlife Fitness operates a series of gyms throughout the city. Normally, I workout downtown at their City Center location since that's where I work, eat, socialize - you get the point. On the weekends, I'm far too tired to even consider the hour long drive into the city, so I work out at the Goodlife closest to my place. 

Here's the ironic part - the gym is located inside Loblaw's (our Canadian chain of grocery stores). Now, it's not at the front of the store or to the side even. Nope, the gym is upstairs, directly above the bakery. It's harsh and cruel punishment first thing in the morning. I do not want to be sweating my butt off on the treadmill with the smell of fresh cinnamon buns streaming through the gym. It's cruel and unnecessary. I mean, I'm trying to work off all those sweet treats - I don't want to be compelled to go eat MORE. 

Ugh, maybe the gym on the weekend isn't such a hot idea. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time to Kill...

200: My name is: Rebecca Elizabeth Rose Whittaker

199: I was born in: Oshawa, ON. Oshawa General Hospital

198. I am a: french canadian geek

197. My eye color is: blue

196. My hair color is: ugh, brunette for today at least

195. My shoe size is: 7

194. My ring size is: 5

193. My Favorite Color is: green

192. My height is: 5'6

191. I am allergic to: milk and horses

190. I live in: i'm homeless right now

189. The book I am currently reading: tuesdays with morrie (yes, again..)

188. My bed time is: 11:30ish

187. First Screen name: rafiki_becca. em's made it for me!

186. Current Screen name: rebecca-elizabeth

179. My favorite Holiday is: turkey time (aka thanksgiving)!!

178. The perfect kiss is: a kiss with anyone i care about

177. The last three bands I listened to: lady antebellum, stars, metric

176. Last song that made me almost cry was: what can i say? carrie underwood

175. My most treasured possession(s): my blackberry & my ipod

170. What did you do last night: wrote an essay and watched the game

167. My skin's reaction to the sun is: crispy

DO Or DO NOT Believe In..

143. Santa: yep, i'm a big kid. 

142. Love at First Sight: nope

141. Luck: yeah, i currently have none

140. Fate: definitely

139. God: most definitely

138. Aliens: ugh, no

137. Heaven: someday, hopefully.

136. Hell: yes

135. Ghosts: unless they're named casper, nope

134. Horoscopes: heck yes

133. Soul mates: yes

Which Is Better

129. Hugs or Kisses: kisses

128. Drunk or High: neither

127. Phone or online: online. i hate talking on the phone

126. Red heads or Brown hair: gingers

124. Lamb and tuna or peanut butter and jelly: pb & j!!

123. Pool or darts: pool - hand/eye coordination ain't so hot

122: Sci-fi or horror: definitely not horror. i still can't watch criminal minds by myself

121: Eat at home or eat out: take-out please!

120. Night or Day: early morning

119. Oranges or Apples: haha apples. for sure

118. Curly or Straight hair: straight even though mine is ridiculously curly

What Comes To Your Mind

117. Scary: the dark

115. Backstabbers: not cool

116: Parents: liberal, stubborn

110. School: blaaaah

Last Time You..

103. Missed someone: five minutes ago

102. Hugged someone: today.

101. Seen someone you haven't seen in a while?: this past weekend


90. Who's the ditziest person you know: victory, my sister. for serious, girl is lacking some serious common sense

89. Who makes you laugh the most: rach and jules

87. One thing I'm mad about right now: not being where i want to be, being alone

83. The last movie I saw in the theater was: leap year. made me cry my face off

82. The thing I don't understand is: people who let you down, rumors/gossip

81. Two Things I love about the opposite sex: cuddling and hockey talk

80. This summer: can't come soon enough

79. Next year: i'll be where i want to be (fingers crossed)

78. Something I will really miss when I leave home: my family

77. The thing that I'm looking forward to the most is: heading back to the beacccccccccch

What Are You Doing..

71. Tomorrow: studying, watching hockey

72. Today: reading

71. Next Summer: working my little behind off

70. For Christmas: one word - florida


62. The person(s) who knows the most about me is: noella and rach

61. The person that can read me the most is: tyler

60. The most difficult thing to do is: move on when you know it isn't right

59. I have gotten a speeding ticket: skippppp

58. I have the following siblings: 1 little tyke brother Alex and a sister Victory

57. My crush(s): is an important part of my life

56. My relationship status: single? it's complicated? who knows.

55. Do you play an instrument? not efficiently

54. Who do you feel most comfortable with? myself and rach. 

53. The one person who can't hide things from me is: noella. i know when she's sad, mad, happy, angry. she's been the bestest for awhile now. loves her. 

52. What time do you sleep till on the weekend: 8ish

51. Right now I am talking to: myself

50. Do you wear makeup: most days

49.Whats your favorite kind of drink: smoooothies

48. I have a job: with the government and at the pool

47. I have a pet(s): a dog named lola

46. I hope: that my prayers will be answered and everything will work out. it has to

45. The worst sound in the world: heavy metal music. ugh, hate. 

44. The ONE person that made me cry the most is: highschool boys

43. Have You ever done drugs: nope

42. Have You ever drank: yes

41. Last party you went to: halloween? 

40. Which parent are you most close with: both i guess

39. What's your favorite movie: top gun, my best friend's wedding

38. Whats your favorite time: 2:22pm. that's when i was BORN!

37. What do you like about school: the challenge, the friendships

36. Last person you talked to: rach

35. Someone you've gotten closer with this year: rach, mallory, heather

34. Gotten in a fight lately: yep

33. My favorite piece of clothing is: my artizia 2010 sweatshirt

32. My favorite sport is: soccer

31. Last time I cried: today, an hour or so ago

30. How old are your siblings: 14 and 20

29. Whats your favorite band/singer: stars

27: Last person you got mad at: boys

26. My worst experience I've ever had was/is: happened recently. i'm taking it one day at a time, that's all i can do. 

25. Favorite kind of chips: dill pickle. yum. 

24. Where do you want to live when you get older: us of a

23. What do you wish: that you could just see that you belong with me (oh t.swizzle)

21. The all-time best thing in the world is: love and passion

20. So, about them Americans: love em!

19. The most annoying thing ever is/are: gossip

18. The most annoying person you know is: don't know any!

17. I lose respect for people who: don't tell me the truth

16. I hate: feeling this way

15. I Like: queso. new addiction

14. My Favorite Day is: sunday

13. My Favorite Month is: october

12. My Favorite band is: stars, i don't mind saying it twice. 

11. The worst pain I ever felt: heartbreak and that time i destroyed my knee. ouchy

10. My favorite phrase: 'true story' and 'epic fail'

9. Who do you want to go out with: someone i can't

8. My favorite actress/actor is: ohh i heart clive owen and cate blanchett

7. Your weakness: queso and ice cream

6. Inside joke between you and one of your friends: hmmm oh 'how many members of the monkeys are there?' insert death glare

5. Dog or Cat?: puppies! lola!

4. What’s your phone number? not that much of a blonde

3. Who broke your heart: 3 boys. 

2. I filled out 200 questions because: the gym wasn't open yet

1. What do you like most about yourself: my ninjanesss

Thursday, February 18, 2010

xoxo Gossip Girl

Yes, I love the show - don't get me wrong. The clothes, the plots, the drama-rama. But, this whole gossip thing is starting to make my head spin. I thought I'd been through that whole high school rumor mill in, well high school. Turns out, I was wrong.

I went to an all girls preparatory school where gossip flew through the halls faster than the students themselves. No walls were solid and stories were everywhere. Most of them weren't true, but you couldn't help yourself by even slightly believing them. They were interesting and kept your teenage social life swirling. I was a busy girl with a completely separate social circle outside of the school so I kept out of the drama, mostly. My friends weren't always so lucky and I was always there for them when it just got to be too much. Nights of non-stop tears and slumber parties always seemed to make everything better. When I started Uni, I thought the gossip would be left behind in high school and for the most part, it was. Business school was a pretty small group of students, but we all seemed to keep to ourselves. Sure, there was gossip but I was so busy with my non-profit work - I barely had time to notice.

Then, I started law school. Graduate school. I mean, there couldn't possibly be any type of drama in graduate school. We're all adults now, entering the real world - there's no time for high school nonsense in law school. WRONG. All wrong. The minute I stepped foot on campus, a wall of teenage social drama hit me hard. I had never witnessed rumor mills as intense as those within our classrooms. 1Ls , 2Ls - you name it, we've all been a part of it. I loathe attention so I tried to stay as far away as possible. As soon as the class elections were over, I crawled into my little corner and avoided all the outgoing students. I just wanted to go to school, build some great friendships and call it a day. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. For the most part, I stayed out of it - until I left campus, go figure. I still do my best to ignore it, but it gets to me from time to time. To hear the things being said, it just saddens me that this takes place at a graduate institution. I was confronted with these fairy tales this weekend and it hurt me to discover that students actually relish and believe what is being said. We're smart students and as such, we should disregard the law school rumor mill. If we don't, we might deserve to still be in high school.

A lot of students joke that law school is worse than high school and I actually believe it now. I'm no longer a teenager and although the stories sound interesting, I know some individual is suffering the consequences of these untruthful tales. It's not fair to them to believe them, so I don't. Unfortunately, not everyone displays the same tactics. It's disheartening to hear students revel in the rumor mill and believe the words circling the halls. Gossip is just that, gossip. It's not meant to be truthful and rarely ever is. The mature stance is to completely ignore it and that is the route I've chosen. Students may claim she said he said all they want, but at the end of the day - choosing to believe a story without confronting the subject first is extremely elementary. Taking the high road is the only road I see available...

And that's my two cents. I'll continue to watch Gossip Girl because I'm a girl who loves her some Chanel handbags, but I'll definitely take a backseat to the real life drama circulating the school halls.

xoxo GG

And I'm BACK...

Suitcases, suitcase, and more suitcases. I swear, I have yet to unpack since I came home in January. It's been a whirlwind these past few weeks, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Spent the past weekend back in Virginia and DC...boy, do I miss that place. The people, the food, the shopping - it's all amazing. Had a great weekend just catching up with all my friends and spending time together. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend! Started off the trip with a looooong 11 hour drive. Stopped once in Syracuse and then just kept trucking along. Cynthia, my handy-dandy gps has a strange love for Philly and kept trying to redirect me. Nice try Cynthia, I'm a little smarter than that. My ipod lost power somewhere around Harrisburg so we resorted to the only two cd's we could find in my car: T Swizzle and Carrie Underwood. Those two gals kept me awake till Richmond. Made a quick stop in Richmond to brush my teeth and get changed before making the final trek to Virginia Beach. Got there around 9ish and immediately hit up the IHOP for caffeine and fuel (aka chocolate chip pancakes)...

Friday was spent with a complete tour of the Regent campus (beautiful, as always), as well as a tour of the USS Wisconsin and MacArthur Center. That night we headed out to dinner with some fellow 1Ls and then Jules and I hit up Karaoke. Epic adventures. Saturday we stuck around town because of the bad weather and decided to shop the day away! Also took the boys to Chick's - pretty sure I changed their lives. Nick discovered boat shoes and now has a strange fetish. I highly approve... That night, I went out for a delicious dinner while the boys toured the town on their own. Had a quick breakfast Sunday morning and then hit the road again - we were DC bound.

Best Valentine's treat ever - Nick and I FINALLLLLLLY found Mr. Yogato. Best fro yo of all time (and for those who know me, you know I've literally tried a bazillion fro yo flavors)..kept it simple with a little strawberries and granola, but it was delicious. They had Nintendo there too! The rest of the afternoon was filled with some prepping, homework and shopping (of course). Nick finally found a spring jacket and I found, well, more clothes.

Monday was pretty productive and then we were on the road again. I think all the traveling finally got to me as I lost my voice on the way home and felt sickeypants. Luckily, I'm feeling much better now, but the boys stepped in and did most of the driving (thanks boys)!! I drove for about 4 hours before I finally gave up the reigns in Pennsylvania. Woke up and we were at Arby's...woke up again and we were outside Nick's place on Kent St.

Already counting down the days till I'm back in Virginia....can't wait!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Change the World in 2010

There is this great new initiative I'm a part of that I wanted to share with you all. It's called Give Your Ten and is produced/established by the founders of Free the Children and Me to We clothing line. It's an online challenge forcing citizens to become engaged within their local communities. When you join the 10 by 10 challenge, you are joining a community of WE thinkers around the world who are working to create a better global future.  Take action on your commitments throughout the year, and watch as together we build a better world. 10 actions by 10 actions.  When you share your commitments on the website, Aviva will donate $10 on your behalf to a Free the Children community overseas. 

For more information, visit Please check out the site and let me know if you have any questions. Forward this to all your friends and relatives so we can spread the movement!

"Please like charity begins at home.." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Yep, those are my friends

Regent Law might have not been the school for me, but boy was it filled with people I know I'll be best friends with for life. No matter where I am, they are always there. I'm notorious for being a 'changer,' which means that I move on from one phase of my life to the next incredibly quickly. I also have a tendency of not holding on to friends from each period of my life because of how busy I am. It may sound awful, but if I can't see you every few days - I find it difficult to retain the friendship. I've loss friends and reconnected over time, but in the end...most of my friends are found in each phase of my life. I had high school friends, soccer friends, swimming friends, college friends, work friends...but, I've never really had a core group of friends I carry over from one period of my life to the next. 

Sure, I have my best friend Noelle who I've known since the Castle and I know we'll be together for life - but the it has taken an incredible amount of work to sustain our friendship at schools on opposite coasts and now opposite sides of the world. It has taken sacrifice and commitment on both our parts to stay connected. And I have Mallory, who was luckily both a high school friend and soccer companion. But, do you ever think of those friends in Second Grade who were your bestest friends and you couldn't imagine life without them? Where are they now? Why can't I hold on to their friendships?

Last night, I was in the process of completing my homework for one of my biblical foundations classes when I got really  upset. No need to go into details, but I was just really hurt. I could have tried to email my best friend Noelle, but with the time changes between Ottawa and South Korea, I knew I wouldn't be able to talk to her until later. I could try to talk to Teira, Megs or Maris - but with the time change between here and Calgary, they probably weren't home yet. And then I remembered, I have an amazing group of best friends that I can turn to now...

I honestly feel like Rachel and I have been to the moon and back and we SURVIVED. We have both experienced immense change over a short period of time and we made it through.  She is my rock, my support system and I couldn't imagine life without her anymore.  I may be in Ottawa and she may be in Arkansas, but I honestly feel like no distance could possibly separate us. I'm friends with her friends now, I've met her entire family...she will always be there for me and I'm so grateful for her friendship. I barely had to say 2 words and she understood completely. She knew I had been crying and with only a few words, made me immediately stronger. Rach was in Chicago with her best friend from college Heather (hi Heather!!!!) last night and she still took the time out to make sure I was okay and that I'd be okay...friendship that will last a lifetime, I'm sure of it.  She's that girl that will call your ex-boyfriend at 1AM to make sure he knows you still care, that girl who will stand outside with you for hours while you cry, that girl who will always try and make you see the light, and that girl who will passionately campaign for a cause that you cherish so much. She's the bestest!

Although a lot has taken place these past few months, I know everything will be okay - it already is. I have great friends in Virginia that will always welcome me back, I have a family willing to deal with the stress of a graduate student in their house, and a career I cherish.  I've thrown myself into my charity work these past few months and I couldn't be happier.  I start teaching swimming lessons on the side next week (I told you I like to stay busy) and hopefully everyone will be back at work  full-time (fingers crossed). 

Time to finish this Biblical Leadership essay then hit the road. Virginia here, I come. Pray that the roads stay clear for us!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, Canada...

I've been home for almost a month now and I can honestly say that I missed Canada. There are certain things that only other Canadians understand, like my constant craving for sour cream glazed timbits from Tim Horton's and papaya smoothies from Booster Juice. We cherish hockey, love our snow, and cottage away every weekend we have free. 

When people ask me how Canada is different, I often have no idea what to say to them. I could talk about our national festivals (i.e. Winterlude) or our French Canadian culture, but with the Olympics quickly approaching - I've started asking myself, what does it mean to be Canadian? 

As a French Canadian, there are certain things that I can only get back home. Pate chinois, maple lollipops, beavertails (which shockingly involve no meat...), lunettes, poutine, Swiss Chalet french fries, and East Side Mario's salad. No matter where I go in this world, these simple comforts always make me smile. 

On a completely different note - I'm hitting the road again tomorrow. It's a Canadian long weekend so I'm packing up my SUV and driving to Virginia Beach with the boys from work (Nick et Phil). Hopefully the weather cooperates! I'm so excited to see everyone again, I almost can't wait. There will definitely be lots of tossing and turning tonight. We'll be leaving tomorrow after work - eeeeek!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Only 25 things..

List 25 random facts about yourself...

1. I'm a believer. I believe only the best in people and rarely see faults. I forgive quite easily and don't hold grudges. No matter where I go or what I'm doing, I believe. My beliefs are the only things that keep me ahead in this world..

2. I'm addicted to the Food Network and fall asleep to Iron Chef almost every night. I can name almost every show on the network, but my favourites are: Ace of Cakes, Everyday Italian, Top Chef, and the f Word. Fun fact: I can't cook. You would think by now I would have garnered some type of skill, but no. I can't cook.

3. I'm vegetarian and I was stupidly trying to become vegan. But, my iron levels are super low because I haven't eaten meat since the pre-historic ages so I might have to reintroduce meat into my diet. One word: ew. Me eating bambi? Not cool.

4. I'm currently homeless. For real. I mean, I have a home I'm staying in, but it doesn't feel like my home anymore since my parents are the only ones living here now. So, I'm on the search for a new place to live. I know I won't be in Ottawa for much longer so I'm avoiding settling roots here. Instead, I'm apartment hunting in Virginia...the beach seems like the perfect place to live for the next year.

5. I only love chocolate chip pancakes when my best friend Noelle makes them. Normally, I gag when I see carbs but her pancakes are beyond amazing. She also feeds me granola, which is the real reason we're best friends.

6. My parents are my best friends and the most amazing people ever. I called them on a Monday night saying I was coming home and they booked a one-way flight, no questions asked. We fight because we share identical DNA, but in the end they are my best friends. I tell them everything, which freaks out all my actual friends sometimes.

7. I've been living out of a suitcase for far too long this year. My frequent flyer miles are off the chain. I can navigate almost any airport with the speed of an Olympic runner, true story.

8. Even though I'm a city girl, I think I would be okay with living in a suburb or even (welp) the country. These past few months have taught me that although the city lights are intriguing and symbolize home, there's something about the tranquility of the country that is amazing. Go figure.

9. I'm a ridiculously positive person. Even after everything I've been through these past few months, I can still the bright spot and I like to share that with others. I'm a glass half-full gal.

10. Okay, I stopped being such a fanatic, but I have an unheard of collection of Florida Gator gear. Seriously, sweatshirts, tees, flip-flops. You name it, I have it. I have an entire box that I have dedicated to it. Blame it on spending copius amounts of time in Florida - I became a weird fan.

11. I have a handbag/purse collection that has reached a new unhealthy level. Prada, Chanel, Fendi - I have them all. They started out as gifts and now have developed into an addiction.

12. If lost, you can always find me in a big comfy chair at the starburcks by the st. laurence mall. With Parliament being prorogued, I spend more time there than necessary.

13. I am bilingual and academically bilingual. This summer, I'm going to attempt Spanish. Wish me luck!

14. My vintage copy of pride & prejudice has been annotated so many times, I don't think it would be possible for anyone else to read it. I can almost quote the novel - I've read it that many times. I also read multiple books at once and if they don't fit in my purse, I've been known to rip the halves I haven't read yet. Don't ever ask to borrow my books.

15. My favourite day of the week is Sunday. I wake up before dawn, go to bilingual mass, have brunch with my family and then shop/snack at the byward market. Sunday's are wonderful and I look forward to it all week.

16. I love neutral colours. Growing up, my bedroom was all white, which was so tranquil and calm. I'm a busy girl so when I am home, I like soft relaxing colours.

17. If the whole Government Advisor doesn't work out, I would love to be a firefighter. Growing up, firefighter camp was my favourite week of the summer. I still get all excited when I see firetrucks

18. I used to see myself settling down in Montreal, now I definitely know I want to spend more time in the States. Thinking DC for a bit, then maybe Texas or Atlanta. Wherever there's a consulate or embassy office, I'm there.

19. I prefer flying the redeyes. I don't like flying during the day. People annoy me and people on planes really annoy me.

20. I am extremely competitive and stubborn. It's the French in me.

21. I am considering running as a youth delegate in the next election. At this rate, it will be very very soon.

22. Wine is my indulgence. It is a family 'thing'.

23. I grew up in the most liberal household imaginable, for which I am greatly appreciative. My upbringing has most certainly shaped my political aspirations and/or views.

24. I still sleep with a teddy bear and I'm sometimes scared of the dark when I'm home alone. I also can't watch Criminal Minds without someone next to me or someone on the phone. You don't have to comfort me, I just like to know you're there.

25. I correct others when they are grammatically incorrect. I am constantly editing everything I read.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Political Two Cents (Canadian, that is)

To prorogue or not to prorogue, that is the question.

Canada's response? Prorogue. Well, it wasn't our response, more so Prime Minister Stephen Harper's response. A lot of Canadians are still asking, what does proroguing Parliament mean? For starters, it means that after Christmas Break, Members of Parliament were not invited back to the Hill for Winter session. A tactic used by minority government's to delay house votes, this political move has only been used three times before. Conveniently, Harper used it once before in 2008 so he is quite familiar with the tactic. The opportunity to delay the house is something that should not be taken lightly.

Most Canadians have absolutely no idea what this means to them. If their MP isn't sitting in session, it really doesn't make a difference in their life. Oh, but it does. When house isn't in session, bills can't be created/passed, thus Canada is at a standstill. During the summer, not such a scary thing - public servants are still hard at work as they are considered essential personnel. What Canadians seem to be forgetting is that in 5 days, all the world will gather on our stage to celebrate our global athletic community and we'll have no sitting government. For example (a bias example mind you...), Bill C-268 that I have been whole-heartedly endorsing and consulting with is currently sitting on the floor of the Senate. With Parliament not in session, this Bill won't get it's final reading or vote before Senate until after the Olympics. Not such a big deal, except the Bill has been nicknamed the 'Olympic Bill', as it deals with mandating the sentence for those accused of human trafficking crimes in Canada. The Olympics are notorious for being one of the highest human trafficking stopping grounds for the child sex trade. With no Senate, there is no Bill and with no Bill, there is no mandated sentence - the vicious cycle continues.

How does this help Harper? Well, some seem to feel that he is interested in a federal election and is using this time to campaign before his opponents have a chance. With Layton taking a backseat for the time being (prayers go out to him and his family), only Ignatieff can truly fight this battle and he is putting up quite the fight. The Monday morning after Parliament was not called back into session, a handful of Liberal MPs were on the Hill working as if nothing was wrong. Their voices could be heard throughout the halls, wearing yellow pins to remind Parliamentarians that they wouldn't be silenced until March. Harper claims he is stalling the house in order to gain a balance on the Hill again, but that balance can't be attained without an where does that leave Canadians.

With the federal election polls essentially tied now, the question remains; to prorogue or not to prorogue?

Oh, that's me!

1.Maybe I should......just suck it up and finish my stats assignment. Well, maybe after one more cup of coffee, maybe
2. My ex is......confusing, yet I understand and respect.
3.I love......all things school (I'm a geek, stop laughing), stock portfolios, hockey, et friends
4.People would say that I am......enthusiastic and passionate about life and making a difference in this world. I'm determined to leave my mark.
5. I don't not to be in control and how not to be the leader
6.When I wake up in the morning......I roll out of bed and hit the gym. I'm that annoying girl on the treadmill at 5AM
7.I have with far too many friends.
8.Life is full adventures
9.My past taught me....that compromise is necessary in order to make relationships work
10. I get annoyed......way too easily. Patience dear Becky, patience
11.Parties are....entertaining, but nights in are just as enjoyable
12.I wish.....I knew where I belonged and who I was meant to spend my time with
13.Dogs .....are adorable. I love my puppies.
14.Cats....are okay-ish.
15.Tomorrow is....Monday. Early morning wake-up call.
16.I have a low tolerance for......slow walkers downtown. Move out of my way s'il vous plait. These pumps were made for walking.
17.If I had a million dollars....I would donate every last cent to my NPO (the Future Group) because when my life seems out of control, I remember that there are those out there without a voice to speak out against human trafficking
18.I am terrified....of losing my way
19.I've come to realize that my last kiss....isn't something I want to think about
20.I am listening to....Sugarland
21.I talk....not often enough. My voice deserves to be heard because my ideas makes a difference.
22.My friend(s).....mean the absolute world to me. Without them, I wouldn't still be standing.
23.My first real kiss.....was far too long ago to remember.
24.Love is.....something I love.
25.Marriage is...something I used to run from, but now I'm ready to embrace
26.Somewhere, someone is thinking.... "I'm ready to make a difference, but how?"
27.I'll always....remember to smile because my smile can reach a thousand
28.The last time I really cried......was the other day, in my bed, on the phone with my best friend.
29.My cell phone is....sometimes my partner in crime. That blackberry is tied to my hand, at all times. What? I run a NPO and work for the Government, it's not my fault.
30.Before I go to bed........ I need to say my prayers and send my love
31.Right now I am thinking amazing my workout will be tomorrow morning and how the Saints just won the Superbowl. Comeback baby, comeback!
32.Babies....are adorable, just not something I want or need right now
33.Today I.....wanted to not procrastinate. Too bad that didn't happen.
34.I really want to.....make a mark in this world, stop human trafficking, and have my voice heard.

Decisions, Decisions

If I hear the word decision one more time this month, my head is going to implode. Yes, granted, these past few months have been filled with life-changing decisions - BUT, being asked to make more decisions just seems cruel.

For those of you I haven't been able to keep in constant contact with, my apologies. I guess I owe you a bit of an update. At the end of July, I moved to Virginia Beach to embark on the greatest adventure of my life - LAW SCHOOL! I had just completed the most turbulent, exhausting, crazy work term of my life, but I was ready for this brand new adventure. Four months of no sleep, caffeine seeping through my veins, and constant reports prepared me for the battle of law school. I thought it was where I was supposed to be. I had great grades, I aced my LSATS - it just all made sense, or it should have all made sense. Through fate and divine intervention, I stumbled upon this amazing law school in Virginia Beach - a Christian law school. I truly thought it was where I was meant to be, where I was being led.

I made the move to Virginia Beach literally 10 hours after leaving the office, but I couldn't have been more excited. The city was breathtaking and being so close to the water was something I had always dreamt of. For a Torontonian like me, being able to actually swim in the water was a plus (inside joke - pollution, you get the drift). After only a day, I said farewell to my family who had set up my place and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. I didn't really have the opportunity to fully embrace college because of work and all my charity endeavors, but my Daddy always told me that law school was where I'd make my best friends for life. Boy, was he right!

Day one of law school I met Heather, and we instantly became sidekicks and best friends for life. We both had a love for life and were a little cautious of everything we were about to participate in. For the first two weeks, we spent our mornings in ASP sessions and our afternoons briefing cases at the Founder's Inn pool. I couldn't love my life any more at that point in time...everything just seemed to click. A few days later, I met Julie and Rachel and the circle was complete. No matter where I go in life, I know these girls will be right by my side! Together, we started our first day with the biggest smiles on our faces. I can even describe my first day outfit to you in detail (shocker, I know). I wanted to be involved in everything at once, typical me. I ran for Class President and although I lost, it was a great learning experience and led me to meet multitudes of new friends.

Weeks went by and we all seemed to settle into a nice routine. It was right before Fall Break when I knew something was wrong. I had spent Labor Day weekend in DC with my parents for work and I started to get a bit antsy. My parents could already tell that I was dying to get back to the office. I missed it so much! I couldn't stop bragging about law school, but it wasn't really law school I was loving. I loved my new friends, PF Chang's, and the beach...but none of those things had to do with the real reason I was there. Sure, I understood everything in Civ Pro and I could quote contracts cases verbatim - but, it just didn't feel right. Unlike other law students, I had no intention of practicing law...EVER. I had a great career ahead of me and my only goal was to be transferred to the DC office where I truly believed I could make a difference. I came home to Ottawa for Fall Break - spending the week working, consulting on Bill C-268, and discussing lengthy life plans. But, not once did I discuss how much I loved law school. I was too afraid to leave this new life I had come to love so much so I just shook it off and told myself I was crazy.

A few more weeks went by and by Halloween, I knew law school wasn't meant for me. I didn't thrive on preparing briefs or studying bailment. Everyone told me you can't judge law school by the first year classes, but I just couldn't see myself wasting any more time in a program that wouldn't continue to foster my career. I had a great job, but I also knew I wasn't quite ready to head back to work full-time. After much soul searching and constant prayer, I decided that I didn't have to end my journey just yet. Regent is highly recognized for their School of Government program, so I thought I'd apply for admission and see what happens. Guess what? I got in! One day in DC with them and I knew this was exactly where I belonged.

There was only one small problem - with online courses, I couldn't foresee myself spending a semester in Virginia in my room. Students were beginning to ask questions and it just wasn't somewhere I was comfortable anymore. I needed to be at peace with my decision and I just couldn't do that with constant stares and random finger pointing. So on a Wednesday afternoon in mid-January, I said my final goodbyes and hit the road. Back to Ottawa I went. The flight back was filled with tears and it took a solid three days for me to officially leave the house for a meeting at work, but it was all just part of this new journey I'm on. I needed to figure out what makes me happy and so far, I can tell you that this new Masters program makes me happy. What doesn't make me a happy camper? Really slow drivers and Parliament being temporarily closed by the Prime Minister until further notice (looooong story that I will blog about later).

Another thing that makes me happy is the great support system I have here in Ottawa. My parents took me in, no questions asked. I was able to spend a great week with my best friend Rachel and her family in Arkansas - I even have the sweatshirt to prove it! Although I love being home at work, I know that DC is where I can be utilized the fullest with the Government, thus I've applied for a transfer - well multiple transfers to be exact. I applied to every consulate office on the East Coast and Texas (random, but I really enjoyed training camp weeks there, plus I spent 4 years in Northern Texas aka. Calgary). Another decision I made, it wasn't Virginia that made me uncomfortable - it was the peacefulness I felt with my decision that made me uncomfortable. Although I cried for a solid month after I withdrew, I just wasn't ready to confront others. With that being said, I'm going to continue with my new Masters program, graduate next Spring and then start my online MBA through Queen's while I embark on my new career in the US.

What do I miss the most about Virginia? My glorious, amazing, supporting friends, which is why I will be packing up the SUV with Nick and Phil to hit the road on Thursday. Virginia here we come! So that's my update. Oh, wait - I dyed my hair brown. Well, Rachel actually dyed my hair brown. I am no longer a blonde and it is ridiculously liberating. I miss my blonde locks from time to time, but the change is nice. Plus, no one really recognizes me so I fly low on the radar at all times. Epic ninja stealth, epic.

I'll try and keep these posts coming at y'all on a regular basis. My frequent flyer miles are off the chart right now so it's hard to find a few minutes to update, but I'll definitely try. For those of you confused with my phone situation, back on the 613 blackberry for now - switch to the 757 cell when in the States. I'm sorry for being Canadian and confusing.

That's it. Miss & love you all. Big hugs.