Thursday, February 18, 2010

xoxo Gossip Girl

Yes, I love the show - don't get me wrong. The clothes, the plots, the drama-rama. But, this whole gossip thing is starting to make my head spin. I thought I'd been through that whole high school rumor mill in, well high school. Turns out, I was wrong.

I went to an all girls preparatory school where gossip flew through the halls faster than the students themselves. No walls were solid and stories were everywhere. Most of them weren't true, but you couldn't help yourself by even slightly believing them. They were interesting and kept your teenage social life swirling. I was a busy girl with a completely separate social circle outside of the school so I kept out of the drama, mostly. My friends weren't always so lucky and I was always there for them when it just got to be too much. Nights of non-stop tears and slumber parties always seemed to make everything better. When I started Uni, I thought the gossip would be left behind in high school and for the most part, it was. Business school was a pretty small group of students, but we all seemed to keep to ourselves. Sure, there was gossip but I was so busy with my non-profit work - I barely had time to notice.

Then, I started law school. Graduate school. I mean, there couldn't possibly be any type of drama in graduate school. We're all adults now, entering the real world - there's no time for high school nonsense in law school. WRONG. All wrong. The minute I stepped foot on campus, a wall of teenage social drama hit me hard. I had never witnessed rumor mills as intense as those within our classrooms. 1Ls , 2Ls - you name it, we've all been a part of it. I loathe attention so I tried to stay as far away as possible. As soon as the class elections were over, I crawled into my little corner and avoided all the outgoing students. I just wanted to go to school, build some great friendships and call it a day. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. For the most part, I stayed out of it - until I left campus, go figure. I still do my best to ignore it, but it gets to me from time to time. To hear the things being said, it just saddens me that this takes place at a graduate institution. I was confronted with these fairy tales this weekend and it hurt me to discover that students actually relish and believe what is being said. We're smart students and as such, we should disregard the law school rumor mill. If we don't, we might deserve to still be in high school.

A lot of students joke that law school is worse than high school and I actually believe it now. I'm no longer a teenager and although the stories sound interesting, I know some individual is suffering the consequences of these untruthful tales. It's not fair to them to believe them, so I don't. Unfortunately, not everyone displays the same tactics. It's disheartening to hear students revel in the rumor mill and believe the words circling the halls. Gossip is just that, gossip. It's not meant to be truthful and rarely ever is. The mature stance is to completely ignore it and that is the route I've chosen. Students may claim she said he said all they want, but at the end of the day - choosing to believe a story without confronting the subject first is extremely elementary. Taking the high road is the only road I see available...

And that's my two cents. I'll continue to watch Gossip Girl because I'm a girl who loves her some Chanel handbags, but I'll definitely take a backseat to the real life drama circulating the school halls.

xoxo GG


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