Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh, that's me!

1.Maybe I should......just suck it up and finish my stats assignment. Well, maybe after one more cup of coffee, maybe
2. My ex is......confusing, yet I understand and respect.
3.I love......all things school (I'm a geek, stop laughing), stock portfolios, hockey, et friends
4.People would say that I am......enthusiastic and passionate about life and making a difference in this world. I'm determined to leave my mark.
5. I don't not to be in control and how not to be the leader
6.When I wake up in the morning......I roll out of bed and hit the gym. I'm that annoying girl on the treadmill at 5AM
7.I have with far too many friends.
8.Life is full adventures
9.My past taught me....that compromise is necessary in order to make relationships work
10. I get annoyed......way too easily. Patience dear Becky, patience
11.Parties are....entertaining, but nights in are just as enjoyable
12.I wish.....I knew where I belonged and who I was meant to spend my time with
13.Dogs .....are adorable. I love my puppies.
14.Cats....are okay-ish.
15.Tomorrow is....Monday. Early morning wake-up call.
16.I have a low tolerance for......slow walkers downtown. Move out of my way s'il vous plait. These pumps were made for walking.
17.If I had a million dollars....I would donate every last cent to my NPO (the Future Group) because when my life seems out of control, I remember that there are those out there without a voice to speak out against human trafficking
18.I am terrified....of losing my way
19.I've come to realize that my last kiss....isn't something I want to think about
20.I am listening to....Sugarland
21.I talk....not often enough. My voice deserves to be heard because my ideas makes a difference.
22.My friend(s).....mean the absolute world to me. Without them, I wouldn't still be standing.
23.My first real kiss.....was far too long ago to remember.
24.Love is.....something I love.
25.Marriage is...something I used to run from, but now I'm ready to embrace
26.Somewhere, someone is thinking.... "I'm ready to make a difference, but how?"
27.I'll always....remember to smile because my smile can reach a thousand
28.The last time I really cried......was the other day, in my bed, on the phone with my best friend.
29.My cell phone is....sometimes my partner in crime. That blackberry is tied to my hand, at all times. What? I run a NPO and work for the Government, it's not my fault.
30.Before I go to bed........ I need to say my prayers and send my love
31.Right now I am thinking amazing my workout will be tomorrow morning and how the Saints just won the Superbowl. Comeback baby, comeback!
32.Babies....are adorable, just not something I want or need right now
33.Today I.....wanted to not procrastinate. Too bad that didn't happen.
34.I really want to.....make a mark in this world, stop human trafficking, and have my voice heard.


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