Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, Canada...

I've been home for almost a month now and I can honestly say that I missed Canada. There are certain things that only other Canadians understand, like my constant craving for sour cream glazed timbits from Tim Horton's and papaya smoothies from Booster Juice. We cherish hockey, love our snow, and cottage away every weekend we have free. 

When people ask me how Canada is different, I often have no idea what to say to them. I could talk about our national festivals (i.e. Winterlude) or our French Canadian culture, but with the Olympics quickly approaching - I've started asking myself, what does it mean to be Canadian? 

As a French Canadian, there are certain things that I can only get back home. Pate chinois, maple lollipops, beavertails (which shockingly involve no meat...), lunettes, poutine, Swiss Chalet french fries, and East Side Mario's salad. No matter where I go in this world, these simple comforts always make me smile. 

On a completely different note - I'm hitting the road again tomorrow. It's a Canadian long weekend so I'm packing up my SUV and driving to Virginia Beach with the boys from work (Nick et Phil). Hopefully the weather cooperates! I'm so excited to see everyone again, I almost can't wait. There will definitely be lots of tossing and turning tonight. We'll be leaving tomorrow after work - eeeeek!!


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