Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yep, those are my friends

Regent Law might have not been the school for me, but boy was it filled with people I know I'll be best friends with for life. No matter where I am, they are always there. I'm notorious for being a 'changer,' which means that I move on from one phase of my life to the next incredibly quickly. I also have a tendency of not holding on to friends from each period of my life because of how busy I am. It may sound awful, but if I can't see you every few days - I find it difficult to retain the friendship. I've loss friends and reconnected over time, but in the end...most of my friends are found in each phase of my life. I had high school friends, soccer friends, swimming friends, college friends, work friends...but, I've never really had a core group of friends I carry over from one period of my life to the next. 

Sure, I have my best friend Noelle who I've known since the Castle and I know we'll be together for life - but the it has taken an incredible amount of work to sustain our friendship at schools on opposite coasts and now opposite sides of the world. It has taken sacrifice and commitment on both our parts to stay connected. And I have Mallory, who was luckily both a high school friend and soccer companion. But, do you ever think of those friends in Second Grade who were your bestest friends and you couldn't imagine life without them? Where are they now? Why can't I hold on to their friendships?

Last night, I was in the process of completing my homework for one of my biblical foundations classes when I got really  upset. No need to go into details, but I was just really hurt. I could have tried to email my best friend Noelle, but with the time changes between Ottawa and South Korea, I knew I wouldn't be able to talk to her until later. I could try to talk to Teira, Megs or Maris - but with the time change between here and Calgary, they probably weren't home yet. And then I remembered, I have an amazing group of best friends that I can turn to now...

I honestly feel like Rachel and I have been to the moon and back and we SURVIVED. We have both experienced immense change over a short period of time and we made it through.  She is my rock, my support system and I couldn't imagine life without her anymore.  I may be in Ottawa and she may be in Arkansas, but I honestly feel like no distance could possibly separate us. I'm friends with her friends now, I've met her entire family...she will always be there for me and I'm so grateful for her friendship. I barely had to say 2 words and she understood completely. She knew I had been crying and with only a few words, made me immediately stronger. Rach was in Chicago with her best friend from college Heather (hi Heather!!!!) last night and she still took the time out to make sure I was okay and that I'd be okay...friendship that will last a lifetime, I'm sure of it.  She's that girl that will call your ex-boyfriend at 1AM to make sure he knows you still care, that girl who will stand outside with you for hours while you cry, that girl who will always try and make you see the light, and that girl who will passionately campaign for a cause that you cherish so much. She's the bestest!

Although a lot has taken place these past few months, I know everything will be okay - it already is. I have great friends in Virginia that will always welcome me back, I have a family willing to deal with the stress of a graduate student in their house, and a career I cherish.  I've thrown myself into my charity work these past few months and I couldn't be happier.  I start teaching swimming lessons on the side next week (I told you I like to stay busy) and hopefully everyone will be back at work  full-time (fingers crossed). 

Time to finish this Biblical Leadership essay then hit the road. Virginia here, I come. Pray that the roads stay clear for us!!


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