Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my hero

Ten years ago, the world lost a legend. A man who surpassed prior Canadian heroes, who's name will never be forgotten. He self-penned the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms and sustained equality for all from coast to coast. Prime Minister Trudeau established bilingualism in Canada and placed French Canadian heritage on the forefront.

To me, he is a man of greatness. A man that no one can compare to (except for my Pepere and Dad). He paved a way for young French Canadians like myself and I will be eternally grateful for all he has done. I strive to externalize and sustain his past acts, to be like him, and to live a life succinct to his. You could maybe say idolize him and that wouldn't be wrong. To me, he is the symbol of change and progress in Canada and may hope is to contribute even half of what he has to this great nation.

His laugh was contagious through the halls of Parliament and his smile spread as wide as the St. Lawrence River. Love him or hate him, you can all recall a Trudeau moment. His passing was felt by the entire nation and tears still stream down the faces of many Canadians. I will never forget what he brought to this great nation and I hope to embody his hopes and dreams into the future ambitions of Canada.


Meghan said...

It has been 10 years already? Wow...I remember it very well. Did you know that I even had to analyze the eulogy Justin gave for a communications class?

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