Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little peek into...

This is always my favorite section of any fashion or beauty magazine. I love how you can stealthily creep into a stylish celebs make-up bag and see what products they use without getting arrested. Score one for the commons folks.

Girls always ask me what products I use, and by always - I mean it happens like once every few days. We can blame my mother for spritzing my face with bottled Evian water as a child, as I seem to have been graced with porcelain glowing skin. Lynn, always looking out for the money maker * cough cough * I mean, face.

In case you're bored or creepishly stalk me, here are some products I use. Tried & true gems, trust.

NARS has amazing blush and I refuse to use anything else. I've been using it for years and can still remember the day my mom brought me to my first NARS appointment. This blush has a soft hint of rose color and adds some sparkle to your cheeks. Doesn't overwhelm your face and is incredibly subtle. You can find it here:

Being fair skinned means that finding foundation is rather hard. I don't like anything that weighs down on me or smudges. I run around a lot and need something that functions well in all temperatures (I am Canadian and it does get Siberia'ish at times). Five years or so ago, I was in NYC and a great make-up artist at Saks introduced my mom & I to YSL Perfect Touch. The applicator is in brush form, and the foundation glides onto your skin radiantly. It holds all day and is perfectly supple. You can find it here:

Anyone who knows me know I was NOT gifted with cooperative hair. Gosh, I don't know anyone who has curls like me...well, other than Mals. It has taken me years to learn how to deal with my hair and I'm still learning. It's a definite coping process, but there has been a product I discovered recently that I don't think I'll be able to ever let go. It's called Moroccan Oil and is absolutely amazing. With only a drop, all my frizz is eliminated and my hair is kept well-nourished and hydrated. They just introduced an entire line of products, but I've only been brave enough to try the original oil. No need to upset the afro. You can find it here:

When it comes to my face, there is no product that is too expensive or too extravagant for me. Back in high school, I discovered Kiehl's lip gloss and from there - I couldn't be stopped. I became a Kiehl's addict. If you haven't been introduced to Kiehl's, I will gladly take you - just ask Teira. I am probably the only person I know who can spends hundreds of dollars on moisturizers and toners. If you're ever stuck on a gift for me, head to Kiehl's. I can distinctly remember what Kiehl's product was bought by what boyfriend. It's a surefire love. I'm on their mailing list and purchase every new product before it hits the shelves. I should probably invest in the company. Once their store hit Queen St. W. - my wallet took a big hit and I think my father might have even shed some tears. Either way, there are lots of products I recommend (and use daily)- including: ultra facial moisturizer with SPF 15, pineapple papaya facial scrub, gentle foaming facial cleanser, facial fuel face wash, rare earth pore defining tonic, and of course lip balm #1. You can find it all here (or I can just drag you to your local Kiehl's provider):
I'm big on mascara. It's the one thing I would take with me on a deserted island (including my basket of Kiehl's, puhleassse). I've tried a lot of different mascaras, but there seems to be one I've fallen in love with. Lancome put together a great line of mascaras for every woman, no matter what your objective is. I love the l'extreme as it greatly lengthens my lash to an almost inappropriate level. On nights out, it means no fake lashes for me! You can find it here:^F1_Eyes^F2_Eye_Mascaras^F3_Eye_Mas_Lengthening&vname=name&

Unfortunately, I was also not gifted with full lips. Like, at all. It's really sad and my dad has promised me lip injections once I get over my fear of needles. Until that happens, I will keep using lip plumper. Lots and lots of lip plumper. Boys I kiss hate it, but that's life. I'm just passing on fuller lips - be thankful. I've tested lots and lots and lots of lip plumper's. Lip Venom makes me scream out in pain in the middle of Sephora (ask Victory about my Christmas demonstration), and any other versions really don't do anything. I seem to have found a happy medium - Stila plumping lip glaze. It only stings for a few minutes and they have such a wide variety of shades that it's hard to pass up. My go-to color is cherry mint (shimmering rose shade). You can find it here:

Finally, scent. I haven't changed my perfume in years. I grew up in a house that smelt like cinnamon and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. My mom confused her Chanel with house spray, which is fine since the smell is scrumptious. Mom & I are big smell people. We love perfume, but we rarely try new scents. Until about 9th grade, I wore only Chanel. I thought the smell was memorizing and I imagined wearing it skipping through the streets of Nice. Well, I come from a rather international family and a family member brought me back a beautiful perfume from Paris as a Christmas gift many years ago. I absolutely fell head over heels for the scent. The bottle was engraved with the letter B for Becky (a bottle I still own and pour the new perfume into) and I couldn't imagine a more perfect smell. The perfume is Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal. Filled with floral scents and vanilla, it is packaged in a delightful pastel green bottle (which I own multiples of..what? they might run out). I highly recommend if you creepishly want to smell like me. You can find it here:
That's a brief glimpse into my make-up bag, which by the way is a cute Kate Spade bag compliments of Heather. Hope you enjoy the recommendations!

xoxo B


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