Monday, July 5, 2010

Today's the DAY

Today's the day it's all going to be okay. Why? Because I said so.

You, my dear friends, deserve a plethora of updates from me and now that I've pieced my life together post-G20/Earthquake 2010/tornado/Queen's visit/Canada Day - I am able to sing a little song about my week. Well, maybe not sing. We all know how much I HATE singing.

First things first, I adopted a puppy. Yes, me - adopted a little miniature itsy bitsy miniature poodle (had to say miniature twice just to make my point). His name was going to be Hermes, but Rachel pointed out that it might be too French for Dallas. She's right. So after much brainstorming and movie watching - I was sick in bed all day Tuesday with strep throat, don't judge - I chose the name Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. By the by, how many of you loyal Jane Austen fans knew that Mr. Darcy's first name was Fitzwilliam? I did, but that's probably because I'm obsessed with Pride & Prejudice and have annotated both my personal and vintage copies to death. Note to self - don't lend out EVER because people will think you're crazy. Well, anyways - that's his name. Fitz for short.

And contrary to popular opinion (Dad I'm looking at you), his name is not Fritzy.

There were a lot of firsts for me this past week. It was the first time I was saying goodbye to someone I loved. Normally, I'm the one jetting off - so it was weird for me to have to say goodbye and feel lonely in the same place at the same time. But, I know he's having a blast across the pond so I can't be too sad.

I also stepped foot into the Apple store for the first time. Do they even call it that? Full disclaimer: I'm the worst Mac owner of all time. I can barely turn the thing on. Forget about editing photos and setting up web cams. I'm just not Mac-savvy, I guess. But, my Mac has been ill for quite some time and I finally decided to get the poor thing looked at before I leave for Dallas. Anyways, I walked into the store and was immediately bombarded. I've never actually purchased any Mac products before. Yes, I own an ipod and a Macbook - but, they were all gifts from other people.

That store is like a parallel universe. I was attacked by blue smurfs with flash books...turns out they were sales people who now only use ipads to communicate. I tried to utter out the words "dead Mac," when I was immediately pointed to the back of the store and told to speak to the woman standing by the cashier. Um, what? There was definitely no cashier. I twirled in a circle for a few moments before another sales person (this one much friendlier) pushed me towards this row of Macbooks. Aha! The cash is a magical box that flies out of the end of the wooden table. Why didn't I think of that? This nice Mac man told me I needed an appointment to speak to someone at the Genius Bar (I didn't even bother explaining that I had no idea what he meant) and proceeded to make an appointment for 4:15. Since I had some time to kill, I decided to join my parents who had befriended my Mac man. After about ten minutes, he had convinced them to purchase a Macbook for my little brother and a new ipod touch pour moi. Thanks, Mac man!

Mac man then took me over to the Genius Bar to wait for my appointment. I decided I wanted to look at fancy new cases for my new touch and we found a super spectacular Kate Spade one. I then asked him to describe the ipad in great detail to me - I had time to kill, don't laugh. I told him I was Mac-illiterate and had no idea why anyone would be possessed to buy a massive ipod touch (unless they were blind of course). Well after what seemed like ages, he had convinced me to purchase one. I asked him about school discounts since I heard him blabbering about the education program to my dad who gets a discount as a University of Ottawa School of Medicine professor. The guy then turned to me and said that he didn't think they had discounts for highschool students, but that he would check. I think the look on my face said it all. In his defence (if he gets any), I was wearing an over sized plaid shirt I stole from an ex-boyfriend, ripped up jean shorts a la Britney and white chucks. My hair was also in a messy braid. I did look young-ish, but definitely not teeny bopper range. Gosh.

I can't be too mad since he stayed late to fix my Macbook that night and called to apologize later. Note to self - don't put personal cell number on order forms at any Mac stores. Either way, he performed CPR and brought my dear Macbook back to life. Hooray, Mac man. I get to go visit him again today when I go pick it up.

Any other new updates? Oh, I'm on a man-fast. But, I will save the details of that for my next entry. I was detoxing post-sickness and decided to test out a relationship detox. Seems to be going well, but that could be because I spend my nights cuddled in bed with Fitz. See? He really was the best idea ever. Who needs a boy when you have Fitz? Also discovered this week that I am probably one of five Canadians who still believes in the Monarchy. Who knew?

Happy post-Canada Day/Fourth of July, folks!


M.G.T said...

Oh my word I am with you on the Apple Store. It's so cool, but I HATE going in there because it is so stressful! Literally impossible to find an available sales associate. But just to clarify... did you buy the iPad? Also- High School student? Ew. Umm hello GRAD student.

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