Thursday, June 24, 2010

Earthquakes, tornados, G20...oh my!

To say that I am busy right now would be the understatement of a lifetime.

I would, personally, like to reside in the same city for more than an hour at a time. Possible? Probably not until mid-next week. We've got world leaders coming and going, grounds shakings and trees flying everywhere. Not exactly what I would call a boring week. And to think I was only worried about G20 commitments this week...ha!

I couldn't even begin to imagine trying to organize a family while working in this chaos. Thank goodness I just have to answer to myself (and sometimes my parents - like yesterday during the earthquake when all the phone lines were down and my Dad couldn't PIN me). Probably shouldn't have waited three hours to call him - sorry, Dad!

Today, I made the conscious decision to wear my black Tory Burch flats to work today. And boy, was that a good decision. I've stopped trying to call or email people today and have resorted to physically walking to their office (yes, I'm back in Ottawa)!

I'm also having problems communicating via phone because um, well through all the busyness and stress of the past few weeks - I've managed to catch a pretty bad case of strep throat and have zero speaking capabilities. Voice? Dunzo. I'm currently playing the role of silent dictator in the back of all the meetings. Swell. On the plus side, I'm wearing my comfy new sweatshirt (because I have a fever and I'm freezing) from SMU.

Picture: Senate has to meet before they can adjourn for the day and they met on the front lawn post-earthquake evacuation. I thought it was cute.


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