Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I try NOT to think about this past dreadful year too much, but sometimes I find myself sitting here missing everything. From lunches to libraries, there are certain things I just can't imagine living without and yet I have been, for 5 months now.

  • I miss my best friend. She's my everything and I miss her. She's in Chicago and I just wish I could run and give her a big hug and dance in the car to some crazy Broadway number (or Disney Princess Christmas tunes). I miss laughing over vases at Wal-Mart and watching Oprah on the floor of her room. I love her thissssssssssss much *insert me standing here like a 5 year old*
  • I miss Applebee's and Barb our waitress at Applebee's. I think I spent far too much time there, but it was one of the best studying spots on the weekend. I could have a table for 8 to myself and lay out all 5000 of my flashcards. Barb was really nice and always put extra shrimp on my salad. She also always tried to get me to eat dessert and chatted with us when we looked upset.
  • I miss Jules and our skrimp dates. Nothing said friendship bonding time like the patio at Chick's after class. I also miss sneaking in P.F. Chang's take-out into the library study rooms. Sea bass and spinach, anyone? No one belts out a Celine tune like Jules, no one. I miss that one bunches.
  • I miss the hilariously inappropriate comments Heather and I used to make. Certain things should be kept to yourself, except when Heather and I express them. To this day, I have NEVER laughed as hard as that one night I spent searching the parking lot for my lost wallet. No one should be having that much fun on a Thursday night in law school. She was also my reality tv buddy and my first Regent bestest. Whenever I needed to be defended, Heather was always there and I loved her for it.
  • I miss hanging out at BB's place with Jules and Rach. Having life chats at the kitchen table or Portia falling asleep holding Ellen's hand.
  • I miss going to Catch 31 to hang out with Surfer Babysitters. Yes, we actually met them and yes, we actually hung out with them for an entire night.
  • All roads lead to Hot Tuna and Somalian Pirates and I miss that.
  • I miss watching videos of Lady Gaga performances and Grant's hilarious reactions. Got him every time. I also miss creeping on the People of Wal-Mart site in the Ordinary during lunch. You could hear us throughout the halls, we were that loud.
  • I miss eating lunch on the patio of the Ordinary, while making inappropriate gestures to other law students on the benches across from us. The food wasn't great, but the company always was.
  • I miss how a simple Wednesday evening could start out at Applebee's studying and end at 3am screaming orders through the Taco Bell drive-through. I also miss handing out my number to random construction workers we would meet at Applebee's and then having to ignore calls for weeks.
  • I miss playing wii golf at Nate's or making him listen to my Canadian indie music. I really don't think he appreciated either of these things.
  • I miss pretending to study on the couch while I was actually watching the Habs game and then jumping up every time they scored.
  • I miss pictures of dinosaurs from my little buddy or teaching him how to kick the soccer ball really far or how to make snow angels.
  • I really miss jumping out of certain SUVs to go make snow angels. It was very important for me to utilize any and all snow I saw.
  • I miss airport pick-ups and airport drop-offs.
  • I miss blasting Celine in the car and screaming at the top of our lungs the entire way home.
  • I miss ninja battles in the library or RH lobby or really anywhere. I also miss all ninjas.
  • I miss a lot of firsts. Like my first time to the arcade. I killed it at alpine skiing and refused to leave until we had enough points to win a yo-yo (green, of course). One of my favorite memories from last year.
  • I miss watching V.Beachers try and ward off the cold with simple jackets, while I stayed snuggled and warm in my green parka and canuck mittens. Global warming, anyone?
  • I even miss Noreasters. As petrified as I was (I called my extended French family to let them know I was going to die), I miss being carried around so the wind wouldn't blow me away. I miss running through the puddles with my rainboots and driving through lakes outside Barnes and Nobles so we could buy the new Celine DVD.
  • I even miss my stupid American phone and how it always seemed to come back to life after you chucked it across hard cement in parking lots.

I could go on and on, but as I sit here trying to make this life-changing decision...I can't forget about the amazing friendships I made last year. I don't want to loose what I found and hope these memories will stay with me for many years.

And no, I haven't made any decisions...yet.


Amanda Van Hierden said...

huuuuuuuuurrry up and make the decision. I wanna know <3 I LOVE YOU

Rebecca-Elizabeth said...

Eek, I know. It should happen by Friday, I super promise. Either way, I'm getting a bunk bed so you can come live with me.

Love you!

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