Monday, July 5, 2010

Wait a minute...

This entry is compliments of Mallory McCartney & me...

Dear America,

Just because you get an entire day to celebrate the birth and independence of your nation doesn't mean you're the only ones. We too have a day to celebrate the amazingness that is Canada. It's called Canada Day and shockingly takes place every year on July 1st. No, we did not decide to become independent a few days before you, it just worked out that way. Weirdly enough, the world does not revolve around you.

Well you may be our larger and more impressive neighbours to the South, there are certain things Canadians are proud of too, ya know? Canada Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the true north, strong and free. Typically, Canadians spend Canada Day at the cottage with their 2-4s and fireworks. Yes, they have fireworks up here.

So while you do whatever it is you do every Fourth of July, just remember that we get to do it a few days earlier and it probably involves a lot more Molsons and a lot more fun. So, here's to hockey hair & long underwear and the nation I call home because I AM CANADIAN (we both are - just to make that clear).



PS. This entry also gave me an excuse to demonstrate my rather unhealthy love of Justin Bieber. He's Canadian. Enough said.


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