Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This one's for you, my dear

I haven't talked about this because it wasn't my story to share and most weren't ready to share. A few months ago, on May 3rd, a dear friend to all of us passed away. Rachel was just about to start the next chapter of her life, with her baby girl Kaylee, when she was in a tragic car accident not too far from where we all grew up.

Every day growing up, I was warned about this intersection. My dad always shared stories of terrible accidents taking place there, cautioning us to drive safe. I always triple checked that intersection on the way home from my boyfriend's house in high school. The moment I heard of Rachel's accident, I just knew that was it. That was where it happened and it hit me like a wall of bricks. Although my sister and I aren't close, she seemed to be the only person I could talk to about this. As we cried together on the phone, I couldn't imagine what I would do without her and then what Alicia would face every day without Rachel in her life.

She was so young and had so much ahead of her. Her smile and laughter were contagious and we just shared this common passion for competition and sports. Any team and you'd find Rach and me on it in elementry school. She excelled at volleyball and was a superstar at Mohawk College. Rachel was one of a kind and I was so honored to have known her. Her baby girl Kaylee was going to be the light in her world, we all knew it.

I haven't shared this story because it just didn't feel right, but it does now. Her family misses her more than words can say, but we know she is smiling down on each and every one of them. Today, I was directed to a song by a friend who lost Rachel as well. It was by an artist who shared a similar lost. The lyrics remind me that we're not alone and there is something bigger and higher keeping us together - He sends his grace to us daily, making us strong enough to endure. To all those we've lost, we were blessed to have loved you for even a day.



Meghan said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Becs. Love you.

M.G.T said...

Love you

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