Friday, August 13, 2010

Three Cheers for Dallas!

Friends new and old, I apologize for not updating you sooner. In my defense, I was just gifted with Internet yesterday. I am now the proud owner of a DVR, wireless Internet, long distance and a bazillion channels I have no idea what to with. Saying goodbye to all the Spanish and Jesus channels was difficult, but I'm coping.

Back to the beginning, I guess. I landed last Saturday in Dallas with Fitz squirming in my hand and dreams aplenty. Since then, life has been an absolute whirlwind. I have a great new job that astounds me on a daily basis (which is quite difficult after my years on the Hill), new friends, and great classes. Transitioning to a new city has been a little difficult with a broken foot, but I'm coping. Some nice boys helped me set-up my furniture and my place is slowly but surely coming together. Well, that's a lie actually. It was pretty much set up when I arrived, I'm just slowly unpacking my suitcases and adding cute little features.

To wet your taste buds and because we all know I'm a secret Nate Berkus wannabe, I've designed my condo in a black and white international catwalk theme. You're probably asking yourself, what the heck is that? Well, I used black/white and off-shades of grey throughout the place - mixing paisley and stripes to brighten the space. I have Eiffel towers and portraits of patisseries lining the walls. In my room, I have gorgeous Egyptian cotton coal sheets and a white comforter with grey stitching. I'm lucky enough to have a beautiful large cascading fireplace that I've placed large white barrel candles in. Okay, I've bored you enough. Pictures to come soon!

So far, I'm learning how to navigate tollways and side streets (that extra jar of change has been incredibly helpful - thanks mom and dad)! I'm an organized freak who came to Dallas with a binder full of paperwork ready to take on the Texas residential services, but it really hasn't been necessary. Everyone is SO incredibly helpful here and things have pretty much fallen into place. Still waiting on the license, but I think that might be Monday's adventure. I have my first two weeks here to basically concentrate on school, settling in, and the odd consulate event. Nothing too time consuming, which has been incredible. I FINALLY got to experience summer by sitting out at the pool all week. It's been fantastic. Fitz loves it here, especially all the sweet tea (don't tell Mom I'm feeding him that).

Anyways, off to the pool I go. Have my priorities set - pool, PF Chang's, pool, pool, and maybe a bbq or two!


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