Monday, April 19, 2010

blah, meh.

Those seem to be my two responses today. People ask my how my weekend was, and all I can monger up is the word 'meh.' Nothing good, nothing bad - just status quo.

I was supposed to set-up Skype with my best friend this weekend, but got distracted with school work and never managed to make it back to my Dad's office to use his webcam. Yes, I'm probably the only person in Canada who doesn't have Skype or use a webcam. I'm sorry Noe, I miss you terribly!

Sad news to report: my beautiful wonderful amazingly sleek MAC suddenly died on me this weekend, taking with it every final paper I've spent the past week and a half writing. Luckily, I had some previous drafts saved on my USB so I shouldn't be too far behind. I took it to the computer hospital, begging them for mercy and that they triage me first. Blonde hair and a smile comes in handy sometimes, so I'm hoping to get my macbook back pretty soon.

Just trying to find something to look forward to and I think that something might be a trip to Chicago for the long weekend. I am missing the bestest like crazy. I keep sending packages of things I have for her or want to give her and my mom thinks it might just be better to send myself. I was going to head up to the cottage that weekend, but Chicago sounds much much better. Plus, I haven't seen her since February and think of the 1001 things I have to tell her in person! Gosh, that will be one massive catch-up session.

Other than that, I've just been spending most of my free time reflecting on things. Reflecting on what I want in life, what I need, and where I want to be. Hopefully, I can update y'all with some decisions soon. Don't want to give too many details, but I've applied for some programs and work transfers so we'll see what happens.

All I know is that this status-quo and grumpy mood I've been in since mid-January needs to vanish pretty fast. I've never been this blah before and just want it to go away.


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