Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer is just around the corner. Mmm can you smell it? I love when the seasons change because it means a wardrobe change pour moi. Take out all those bulky parkas and dark pashminas. Time for pastel flats and cobalt drawstring shorts.

We all know that I am selfishly in love with fashion. From styling to fittings, I am in deep heart with it all. Friday night, I was perusing through the racks at Aritzia (a post-work week regular activity) when I realized that the shift in clothing is really lacking from season to season. Gone are the huge displays of mannaquins brunching by the sea to represent the Summer months. Instead, we're left with the drab stowaways from Winter and some lighter toned blouses snuck through the racks. I know a lot of it has to do with recession, but I am a firm believer that new seasons mean new outfits THUS I've decided to create y'all a list of the Summer must-haves (at least for me).

Ikat Dresses: think digital patterns + bright colours. They shock and wow, but when paired with a solid blouse or cardigan - they are really quite subtle. I'm wearing a cute ikat skirt from Jacob right now, paired with a coral high-neck blouse. It has just the right amount of personality to scream "I'm fashionable," but not in a loud obnoxious way. And if you're looking for a cheap, suitable ikat patterned bottom - I suggest Jacob.
Caged Booties: Okay, I can admit it. I'm a sucker for boots. Ankle booties of any type are my weakness in life. I've got them in teal, gold, brown, ivory...you name it, I own. The caged booties are a cute alternative to the solid designs, really directing attention to your feet (which girls, elongates your overall image - I pinky swear). The glossy meshed boots were stomping all over the runways of NYC & Paris, and now they're ready stomp their way into your shoe closet. Luckily, stores like Forever 21 offer great and affordable alternatives for shoe addicts like myself. While we would all love the YSL version, these are equally adorable.

Floral Dresses with Blazers: I love to dress girly with an edge. By this, I mean that I like to take tried and true staples (i.e. paisley prints and pastel blouses) and give them a ‘rocker’ twist. I’m not a girl who adorns herself in pearls and pink taffeta skirts, nor do I wear leather jackets and black eyeliner. Instead, I like to make an indie combination of the two. Take for example the floral print dresses. They are incredibly suitable for work, but a little too girly for me. I’m not a pretty and pink girl, so to change it up – I’ll wear the floral printed dress with a boyfriend or tuxedo blazer. I have 3 essential blazers from Aritzia (tan, black, and navy) that I like to pair with my more frilly outfits. For the office, I wear my staple Nine West pumps – but always have ankle boots handy for a night on the town. Currently, Joe Fresh has some really subtle floral printed summer dresses and if you haven’t already invested in a Tallulah blazer from Aritzia – what are you waiting for?

Skinny Cargo: While not appropriate for work, I thought I’d throw in some skinny cargo pants for weekends in the Muskoka. They’re all the rage in the Bev, and while I hate wearing something that is all the rage, I must admit they’re really fun to pair up with tan accessories. I tried them on at Aritzia last week and immediately fell in love. Structured like typical skinny jeans, these cargos are tight around the ankle which means they look great with a platform open-toed sandal. Mix in some gold safari-esque jewellery and your set for a perfect weekend away outfit. Another plus? They’ll transition great for Winter with some heeled Frye boots and beige pashminas. Although pricey, the only pair I’ve found that I like are J Brand. You can find them at Holt’s, Aritzia, and I believe Trust Fund are even carrying them now.

Hot Pink: Back to work apparel, I’m always trying to find alternatives to the drab white and black suit routine. Although I prefer neutrals, I don’t object to wearing one obscene item with a solid-coloured routine. It’s easy to go overboard though, so definitely do a once over before leaving the house. Ask yourself, what would Carrie Bradshaw do? If the answer is wear it, then I say go for it! Know your workplace environment and if you think it’s too over the top, leave it for a night out later in the week. If you’re going to go with this season’s route and insert the hot pink into your wardrobe, make sure you compliment the extreme colors with solids and softer neutrals. Don’t pair the hot pink with gold for the office, and definitely stay away from patterns. I’ve been utilizing a hot pink pashmina from time to time, accessorizing with diamond studs and a deep golden tan (mmm Summer). Invest in one piece and you’ll be shocked to see all the various ways you can wear it. Check out Banana Republic and Aldo Accessories for your flash of hot pink (but if you’re looking to buy me a present, might I suggest the Louis Vuitton tote in bright fuchsia).

Menswear trousers: Last, but not least – I’ve been all over the menswear trousers recently (like an I-banker molesting their calculator). From neutral shades to black, I’ve been wearing these high-rise pants to the office on alternate days. They are beyond comfortable and are extremely flattering with a tighter fitting blouse. I have pairs in charcoal, taupe, black, and tan. Excessive for a fad? Probably, but I really love the fit and with platform heels – they look ah-mazing. Fashionable yet work appropriate. Exactly what I need for a day at the office. I would avoid wearing them with ankle boots because they would really drown you, exaggerated heels are the way to go. And steer clear of the men’s blazers, you don’t want to be an exact replica of your boy. Remember, if you wear a loose bottom, you need a fitted top. Check out Joe Fresh for affordable options

That’s my fashion go-to guide for the Summer season. Time to tackle your wardrobe and amp up the lighter fares. Now, get out there and shine little Divas!


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