Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh, there you are!

I'm awful at this. It's okay, I'm fully admitting it. You can throw a shoe at my head if you'd like, but only a pretty shoe. I don't need any of those trashy sandals hitting this moneymaker. I promised to update every day and was REALLY trying hard to keep up, but it seems like life has gotten the best of me.

Brief update: promoted at work (hence the lack of social butterfly-ness), still going to school full-time (from a completely different country - go figure), and trying to fulfill all my external commitments (i.e. Sunday brunch at Wilfred's, cocktails at Social...the usual).

I can't tell you anything about my job, but I can tell you it's amazing. Does that answer all your questions? People ask me what I do and I wish I could tell you, but I honestly can't. It's great, love it. I've always known I wanted a career in the Federal Government, slaving away over my Blackberry at unholy hours for the past three years. But, not until this new promotion did I realize what I wanted to specifically do within the public sector. This is what I want to do, definitely. This new position provides flexibility to allow me to finish my multiple degrees, while still heading into the office for 9 hours every day. Sounds depressing, but I completely thrive on this. A silent Blackberry and empty inbox would bore me to death. Running from building to building is far more exciting! Plus, I have an insanely big office now with a beautiful view. I even took the time to decorate my new office this week since I practically live here anyways. I guess promotions are pretty awesome, huh? At least I have my next few years planned out, that makes me smile.

School is ugh school. Finishing it. I've decided to take an extra degree (in Terrorism) to help with my career ambitions, but still deciding if I want to finish it where I currently am. Long story, but I'll sort out those details this month. Potentially transferring offices, which makes everything even more confusing. No worries though, whether I'm in Ottawa or DC or London, you can know that I'm loving what I'm doing.

Exciting news? Well, I'm trying out the new Ottawa hotpost Social for dinner & drinks tonight (picure attached to make you sad you aren't coming with). Probably not the exciting news you were hoping for, but I've been looking forward to it all week. I also wore a pretty silk dress with ruffled neckline to work today, again not the news you were hoping for. I've really got nothing.

Oh, I have been condo shopping. Where you ask? DC and Ottawa. I found a beautiful condo in Ottawa, but don't want to set down roots until I completely rule out DC as an option. I'm leaning towards DC, but there are some complications with my work visa. I was hoping to transfer by the end of July, but it looks like I'll be here a bit longer until it's sorted out. Moral of this story: I wish I had a green card. I asked Rachel to marry me, but well...I don't need to finish that. Anyone wanna marry a Canadian? Applications aren't necessary :)

Other than that, I spend my days hard at work - commuting between Ottawa and DC. On the weekends, I do all my homework and spend my Sundays lazily strolling through the market and attending Brunch et Mass with the family. I'm planning a trip to Chicago to visit the bestest who I miss terribly *insert incredibly sad face and sad little penguin dance here* and can't wait to give her a giant big hug. She has an amazing new job and a great new social network. I'm so proud of her, so so proud.

Work on Bill C-268 has been indefinitely stalled, sitting on the floor of the Senate. Wish I could do more to push it through, but it's just a giant waiting game. I will keep y'all updated on it though. The Future Group is going strong, with our Queen's Chapter producing such great work. Those girls down in Kingston are truly spreading the message. I feel blessed every day to chair such a great organization. The West Block on the Hill is closing its doors and I will be part of a small group celebrating the final moments within those halls in a few weeks. Feel honored to be included in such a crucial part of Canadian history.
That is my life update. Now, time to get back to work before I can strap on my sparkly heels for a night out at Social with my boys.


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